Shop Small This Holiday Season and Help Save Our Economy




Right around this time each year retailers and individuals are in the full swing of holiday season. This holiday season won’t be like any other though, as we continue to see the fallout of COVID with broken supply chains and goods not being able to make it into the United States. Container ships are sitting off our ports, unable to be offloaded. Container costs have gone up 400%, and that means the normally cheaper imported holiday goods (from China, toys, etc.) are inflating in price at alarming rates. They say, “the American dream is made in China,” but honestly small businesses are the BACKBONE of the Unites States economy. Small businesses employ 48% of all US workers (which is down from 53% in 2019, wonder why).

This holiday season it’s super important that we shop small. Ditch Amazon and buy from friends and companies that we know are made in the USA and shop our favorite little shops. These people are employing our friends, neighbors, and families and we really need to support them right now and boost our local economy. Not to mention, those online orders from overseas may never show up this year!

Here are a few skincare and beauty brands that I really want everyone to take a look at this holiday season and to shop from! Give your friends the gift of healthy glowing skin!

1) I have to take a moment to mention my own brands of course, Beauty Kitchen and our Canadian sister company Marianna Naturals.
If you’re reading this blog, get a jump on your holiday shopping and use code SHOPSMALL to get $10 off a $30 purchase on either site! As you know, all of our skincare products are made locally in our factories and we have zero issues with getting your order out in time.
@beautykitchenjunkie @mariannanaturals

2) Xotic Envi
All-natural, beach inspired skincare, wine scented scrubs and much more. All handmade in the USA.
Bringing Zen & Serenity to your door. The owners have spent many years researching and working hard to bring top notch, all-natural products directly to you. @xoticenvi

3) Hacked By Nature
Everything you need to get your mojo back. Candles and crystal infused skincare. Home of the SHIFT Kits, product bundles targeted at re-balancing your chakra. @hackedbynature

4. Stai Bella
I love this brand! The website is clean and fresh, just like their products. I’m in love with their orange sugar scrub. @staibellacosmetics

5. Needle Me Now
Micro needling and skincare essentials for every skin type. A whole new look for this holiday season. Needling has many skincare benefits, check them out to find out more. @needlemenow

6. Smooth Skin Firming
Anti-cellulite oil, a luxurious salt scrub, and my absolute favorite detox bath soak!! @smoothskinfirming

7. Blessed By Charles Scott
Everyone has seen me rocking their crystal pieces and I absolutely love them. If you are into crystals, gemstones, bath & body, or clothing and décor inspired by the metaphysical then this is the stop for your holiday shopping! @blessedbycharlesscott

8. Kiki Mama
This company specializes in skin oils for preventing stretch marks. These oils are not only great for expectant mothers, but also your baby or anyone who wants to give their skin a little extra TLC (I use these and I’m not pregnant!). Know a mom-to-be this holiday season? @kikimamaco

I hope you check out these brands as you plan your holiday shopping (or personal skincare shopping) this year. I also urge you all to shop with smaller boutiques and local sellers and stay off the big chain websites. I know it’ll be tough, but this might have you looking a little deeper and finding better gifts for your loved ones. Not to mention supporting a smaller business means supporting sellers that actually appreciate the sale and don’t see you as just a number on a spreadsheet. We can really all do our part this year, starting now! Happy Shopping Beauties.

Heather Marianna