What I Carry In My Bags & Where To Find It




They say never to look in a woman’s purse. They also say you can tell a lot about a woman by what’s in her purse. Like when the last time you cleaned it out was, lol… oh those CVS receipts. I know my work briefcase is a very different situation than my daytime or nighttime handbags. I’m a highly organized person with certain bags for certain things, so this week I wanted to share with you a little scoop on my two daytime bags. I share all my must-haves and some links where you can find them!

For work I always have my essentials and here is a list of what I think is essential for the modern boss babe.

A great briefcase. Here’s the one I use.
My new laptop and iPad Pro. I bought myself these for my birthday last year! Mac is so much better, what was I thinking all these years? I have both because I have all my back-end logins for sales etc. on my Ipad as well as my outlook etc. I got my sparkly gold case on Amazon.
My planner. I live and die by this planner! I have to write everything down, and I’m a sucker for the stickers ha, they make me happy.
A few extra folders and a notepad for notes.
My cell phones (I actually have 4. 2 in each bag).
A Calculator, yup.
Marianna’s Blue Light Protection Mist
Air Pods – 2 sets
Disposable masks (just in case!)

For my Daytime Bag, here are some very important essentials I always keep with me:

– I obviously keep the basics like my wallet, keys, and my other 2 phones.
BK’s Girl Boss Body Splash
BK’s Girl Boss Sanitizer
‘Calm’ Essential Oil Aromatherapy Lotion from BK. I really love this Lavender to help calm me down.
A black Chanel face mask. I got this from a designer who repurposes designer cloth shoe bags and makes face masks.
It’s Essential All-Purpose Spray from BK for cleaning carts at stores.
Makeup. Check out my previous blog on “My No-Makeup Look” for my favorites.

Hope you guys enjoyed this little look into my bags!