About Us

“I started Beauty Kitchen back in 2012 when I quit my 9-5 job. I always had issues with my skin and did a lot of DIY methods to treat it using fresh items. In 2012, I launched the YouTube series Beauty Kitchen where I showed people how to do exactly what I was doing.

I’ve always been a natural teacher and sharer of information. In 2013, I took it a step further and launched Beauty Kitchen as the skincare brand we now know and love. I’ve since co-founded a sister brand in Canada, Marianna Naturals, and helped thousands of people access quality, natural skincare for affordable prices.”

-Heather Marianna
missions statement
Beauty Kitchen® was born from our belief that the world deserves 100% natural skincare and cosmetics without the use of chemical preservatives. Our products are hand-made fresh at our facilities in the USA, and are always Cruelty-Free, Paraben-Free, and Sulfate-Free. Our mission is to provide an all-encompassing, luxurious, at-home spa experience for the modern day skincare enthusiast at an affordable price.