Self-Care Versus Laziness for the Modern Boss Babe




Happy Wednesday guys! I’m writing this blog while sitting at my home office desk at 1:35 PM on a Saturday. Perfectly timed as I have to leave here at 3:30 PM, which gives me about an hour to write this. I know that a lot of you Boss ladies who read my blog are probably in the same boat that I’m in about taking time off from work, so I wanted to write this quick blog about self-care versus laziness for the modern boss babe. If anything, I hope this encourages you to put the iPhone or laptop down and take a little time off over the weekends. I find that cleaning my house helps me wind down, as well as meal prepping, and I consider both of these self-care because I’m not working!

It’s perfectly ok to let emails pile up over the weekend and to sleep in. This is something that I’m trying to do more of, along with taking Sundays off and making more time for gym. But if you’re letting things slide through the week as well, then you might just be getting burnt out, which can lead to laziness. When I’m feeling burnt out, I can’t even think about what task to start first, can you? My mind isn’t clear, and I’m going a million miles a minute.

I think of self-care as a necessity. I have to implement some self-care to recharge for the week. Laziness means that we’re avoiding tasks that we want to, or should be doing, throughout the week. It can also look like running away from responsibilities. Self-care on the other hand, is more intentional — it’s about carving out time to recharge so you can face your responsibilities refreshed and accomplish your tasks more efficiently. Laziness leads to less motivation, while self-care should add to it. Self-care, let’s say, is planned laziness. You plan to rest in order to be your best self the upcoming week. Example: Going to bed earlier so you can get up and seize the day by getting ahead on emails or whatever it is that’s on your list (perhaps write your blog?).

Self-care is about planning to take the time to rest and give your body the care it needs in order to:
-Be more productive
-Achieve goals in a shorter amount of time
-Reduce stress and anxiety
-Increase happiness and life fulfillment
-Hit the gym
-Get up earlier, my fav.
-Have time to process things through the week and not be hasty
-To be your best self
-Have a clearer mind
-Work more efficiently

Self-care is all about taking care of yourself intentionally, there is nothing lazy about it. What are your favorite ways to self-care? Comment and share with us on my latest Instagram post @AskHeatherMariannaBlog!