Interview with (former) “90 Day Fiance” star, Larissa Lima

I was excited to do this interview with Larissa Lima because not only is she one of my great friends, but I also think she is one of the most fascinating (and hilarious) people I know! We did a fun Beauty Kitchen collaboration with Larissa about a year and a half ago (wow, time flies) and I actually even appeared on an episode of the show alongside of Larissa (season 5, episode 1 “90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After”) which I highly recommend you check out, I had some great one liners! HAHA.  Now onwards with the interview you have all been asking me for…


Heather: You have had a lot going on these last few months. Talk to us about Cam Soda, the show you did back in September.


Larissa: Cam Soda was a fun way for me to show off the new plastic surgery I just had done, my new lookee. We filmed leading up to the surgery on the show but I wanted a way to show my fans how it all turned out in a fun way. It was much better than me post on my social media a few photos like, “here look at me.” The show let my fans interact with me and see a more playful side I had. It was easy for that side to come out now with me feeling confident and more happy with my look.

Heather: So following Cam Soda, you announced that you would not be returning to “90 Day Fiancé”, what happened?


Larissa: I am grateful to have been on the show and had a great time doing it, but from every end comes a new beginning. It became very draining for me and I wanted something new.  I wish the show and everyone on it the best of luck in the future. I wish they would be more supportive of people who choose to make content like an Only Fans or a Cam Soda. It motivates me to fight for these rights for what many people call, sex workers. We all have a family to feed. I don’t judge anyone. Actually many others from the show have Only Fans now too.   For now I am excited to connect with my fans in a different way than I could ever have before. Now I feel like my future is in my hand.


Heather: So let’s talk about your future, is there a chance we could ever see you back on TV?


Larissa: *laughing* Never say never, but this time it would have to be on the terms that are mine.

Heather: I’m all for that girl power! So now you are living in Colorado Springs, what is that like?


Larissa: Colorado Springs is very nice. It is very different then Las Vegas. Las Vegas is like a show girl with her lashes done, tan, long hair extensions, big boobies, and Colorado Springs is more like a natural, beautiful, no makeup, happy with nature type of girl. I am still getting used to it, especially the cold weather.


Heather: I hate the cold!


Larissa: Me, I hate the snow.


Heather: So, I asked a lot of my friends who are fans of the show, what they’d like me to ask you, and a ton of people wanted to know about your weight loss.  What tips can you share with my readers?


Larissa: Being stuck in the quarantine really helped me to be motivated to get in shape, plus I wanted to be ready for my CamSoda and my OnlyFans. My workout is four times a week, 60 minutes a day, using various cardio, arms, legs, and stomach machines. If you don’t feel comfortable to go to the gym, you can use at home weights or even get creative. At one point during lock down I was using water jugs as my weights. I love to walk, so I also power walk almost every day for about 60 minutes. I keep it simple with the eating and eat things like eggs, lean ham, whole grain toast, lean turkey, broiled chicken and salads. I also drink a lot of water, but since I love carbs, I still eat them just with a moderation. You can do anything you put your mind to.


Heather: Those are some great tips! I’m a huge workout and health junkie myself and I agree, you can achieve anything you set out to do.


Larissa: Yes!


Heather: So what do you want to say to people that they may not already know about you?


Larissa:  A lot of people love to hate me, they love to pray for me to have my downfall and wish horrible things about me. I’ve been threatened to, mocked, cursed out and wished the worst on to where sometimes I begin to fear for my life. I know when you are on TV you sign up for these kind of things, but it does affect me to see how cruel and unkind people are able to be. It’s kind of scary to be honest with you, Heather. I would want people to know what you see on the TV is not always 100% correct, it’s real, but things are always edited to give you a show worth entertaining.


Heather: Thank you for shedding light. I always say we all need to be more kind to each other.  On a more positive note, let’s talk all things beauty… describe your skin and your skincare routine!

Larissa:  My skin is combination but more on the oily side. I make sure no matter how tired I am, I always take my makeup off and wash my face. That is important to know to keep your skin looking its best. I exfoliate every few days, actually I am a huge fan of Beauty Kitchen sugar scrubs since they have no chemicals in them. It is gentle on my skin and keeps my face brightee and a glow to it.  In the quarantine I was wearing less makeup, but now with me taking photo shoots and wearing makeup that is heavy, it’s important to me to really take care of my skin to help me have no break outs.


Heather: Last thing and I’m dying to know… do you ever see yourself getting married again?


Larissa: Yes. I do. This time will be my last time. I want to live my happily to be ever after.

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