Interview Check-In with TV Personality Alexis Bellino




Alexis Bellino is a friend, mother of three kids (whom I adore), businesswoman, TV personality, and so much more. I have been lucky to be friends this woman for a long time, and I wanted to give my readers a little check-in with her to see what she’s been up to!

(At the time of writing this I am planning a big weekend with her and David from Behind the Velvet Rope Podcast, so I will be posting videos on my @AskHeatherMariannaBlog IG for you all to enjoy as soon as this posts!)


Hi Alexis, thank you for taking the time for this check-in. Everyone knows how great of friends we are, and I know they are dying to know what you have been up too!


Alexis: Oh boy, right now I am trying to survive COVID, keep my sanity, keep our five kids sane, and fighting our new norm. Alexis by Glitzy Bella is doing great! I am in discussions with some new projects, and I am really excited for what 2021 holds.

Heather: After your quick return to “The Real Housewives of OC” with Emily Simpson, the fans were left wanting more. Do you have any plans on returning, even as a friend (of Emily perhaps) to the show?


Alexis: Aww, I loved my time on RHOC and my lunch with Emily! However, after my departure from RHOC I feel my time with that endeavor is over. I am thankful for my time and love Bravo in every way. I am not closing the chapter to TV, and I am open to any new chapter my life shall take.


Heather: Thanks to Instagram, the TV show “Below Deck”, and the occasional pesky tabloids, we all have followed your new whirlwind romance with Drew and the love for his children. I have been lucky enough to witness the bliss from the beginning, and would love for you to let the readers know what’s been going on!  How have you all been dealing with quarantine? Are the kids safely back in school? And so forth….


Alexis: We’re doing pretty good considering COVID and Quarantine! The kids definitely get stir crazy, so we try to get them on the boat a couple of times a week. Drew’s and my kids are in two different school districts. My kids just started back in their private schools, but Drew’s district is still virtual learning. My kid’s schools have taken very large measures to keep the kids healthy. Facemasks are required, 6 ft apart at all times, only disposable lunches and they must sanitize before and after each class, among other protocols. My kids are definitely glad to be back and we are anxiously awaiting Drew’s kids to start back.


Heather: I noticed you gave the twins TickTok accounts for their birthday, how surprised were the girls that mom bent the rules?


Alexis: The Twins were so excited! I did put a 40-minute time limit on their phones for TikTok, but they are excited to have their first social media. I definitely monitor it daily.


Heather: Now that things seem to hopefully be getting back to normal, and we know you always have your hands in projects, do you have any projects you want to mention?


Alexis: Work definitely slowed down a bit during COVID, but it is finally picking up again! Alexis by Glitzy Bella is doing great and we just launched the “Everyday Panama” hat which is perfect for the fall! I have a new organic candle collab launching soon with a different company that you will see this month. Of course, our Beauty Kitchen sanitizer is going well, too!


Heather: And lastly will there be wedding bells soon and can we all hope for a wedding TV special? Please call Andy on this one! The fans would love it!


Alexis: No, right now I don’t want to hear about that shit! Ugh, Heather call me on this question… lol!


(Right after this interview I called her and got all the details. So will there be a big Bravo TV special? I’ll never tell…..)

Fast forward to our weekend in the OC! I just got home yesterday, November 9th, and I was tired! We started our weekend off with surprising the girls with my arrival. Melania and Mackenna were so exited to see me. We spent the night watching the election coverage with David in utter shock, just like we all are in the USA right now, wondering what’s going to happen with the election.

We went to the gym every day and we were sore! Check out B-Body fitness in the OC, it’s a really fun time and a complete body workout! I thought David was going to fly off the treadmill, he was walking so fast lol.

We also dined at Maestros with another OG of the OC, Lynne Curtin who’s an absolute doll! She is opening a spa in OC very soon, so if you are in the area please go see her! She and David are good friends, so thank you to David for that intro. Her new jewelry pieces are to die for, be sure to stop by her showroom in the OC and check out her website

Also be sure to tune into the Behind The Velvet Rope Podcast @BehindVelvetRope on IG and give David a follow. Alexis and I are both upcoming guests!!!