Exclusive Interview with Avery from 90 Day Fiancé

We all know I love 90 Day Fiancé, and all those other reality TV shows, but what I love more is the actual genuine friendships that I have made through my fandom and through my companies, Beauty Kitchen and Marianna Naturals. In this blog post I talk to Avery Warner, an “unfiltered bad ass” as I call her, with a zest for life. Not only is she stunning on the outside, she also has an absolute heart of gold. She is always so gracious to post Marianna’s all-natural Superior Mushroom Line (one of her skincare favorites). She’s a skincare junkie after my own heart.

And if anyone is wondering, she isn’t dating Yolanda’s ex. Get ready for a very truthful conversation between two friends. We talk all things Trump, QaNon, Wayfair trafficking, and what she’s been up to lately. We couldn’t leave without mentioning Ash of course, who she does say is a nice guy.

So let’s dive into this interview!

Heather: Alright! I am here with Avery. Not to bring up 90 Day Fiancé, but what is the latest with 90 Day? Have you had any offers from them? Do you want to come back on the show? What’s going on with that?

Avery: No! So the thing about 90 Day Fiancé is, they have come to me talking about various different things that they might have like spinoffs of some things, etc, but they have distanced themselves from me a little bit because of my political views. So they still want to work with me potentially, and they have their options open through our contract, but they also don’t like my political views so I’m not sure if we will work together again.

Heather: I think you are better off. You have so many other things going on, things we’ll touch on later in the interview, so let’s segue into your political views. I did a little bit of research, and it’s always so weird to me when I interview my friends because I have this weird thing about not Googling people normally. So I just did a quick search, and I love your pictures online by the way, you are so pretty, but what is going on with you and Black Lives Matter? And you are a Trump girl I assume? Let’s talk about whatever you want to talk about.

Avery: Well, I guess the biggest thing is that in the beginning of this movement that happened with Black Lives Matter, I came out that I do not support the Black Lives Matter organization. I am not against Black Lives mattering….

Heather: Exactly! I wanted to clear that up. I figured that was exactly going on in the media, that they were misconstruing things.

Avery: Yes! I am not for an organization that is supporting Marxism and only caring about certain Black lives. So, I came out that I do not support the organization, but I am clearly attracted to guys with darker skin. I have dated Black men and so I have nothing against black people, I believe that all Black Lives Matter. I believe that everybody matters and so yes, I am not against black lives mattering, I am just against the organization.

Heather: I would agree with you on that. I am totally for “everybody matters.” Black lives matter, Asians matter. I am not for people burning buildings down. I do not think that’s right at all. A lot of my friend’s businesses in L.A. were heavily affected by this. Some of their houses were destroyed, and I don’t think that anyone should be doing that under the name of any kind of politics.

Avery: I felt like it was more of an opportunistic thing and people were just taking advantage of the situation rather than it being about a particular person who died, you know?

Heather: I agree, and I don’t think raiding Louis Vuitton proves any point to anybody other than the fact that you’re a thief.

Avery: Absolutely!

Heather: So, let’s talk about your political views! Who are you voting for, and why are you voting for them, and all that kind of good stuff?

Avery: So, I was a Democrat. I’ll just say I wasn’t politically in tune to things for the longest time because I didn’t really care about politics. I leaned towards the Democratic side because I had very open views and very inclusive views, and that’s kind of what I was being told and all this stuff. So, I kind of blindly was following a certain party and certain politics for a long time until a lot of this Black Lives Matter movement stuff started happening. Then things started not making sense to me, and I started to do some research into the president, President Trump. For the longest time, I was actually believing what people told me, although since I wasn’t that political, I didn’t really care what people were telling me. Then, I started doing a lot of research after things started to not make much sense to me, and I really was trying to identify what President Trump has done for the United States. I was blown away by how much he actually has done for America, and how much he is fighting for our freedom, and how much corruption is going on with the Democratic side, and what he is actually doing for black communities. So many different things that really I could find actual evidence and research on, certain things that were being said about President Trump and how it contradicted a lot of the narrative that has been played by the Democratic party. So, it just kind of opened my eyes to a lot of the lies and what is being said through the mainstream media, and it really pushed me into being a critical thinker.

I am a critical thinker naturally, so when things didn’t add up to me I did my research and I looked into a lot of things. I don’t think Trump is a saint. I don’t think he is absolutely amazing, and he could definitely be better with how he talks and things like that, but I do believe that he is keeping our freedom and so I am voting for Trump, 100%.

Heather: I love that because I feel a lot of people who are on the Democratic side don’t really realize what Trump has done as President. I mean, Biden wants to raise taxes for people like me and those who are starting businesses and employing people. I have several people that I’m responsible for their damn mortgages, and if they don’t get paid, they don’t get their house. Through COVID I learned a lot of things and started doing my research as well! I don’t see how the Democrats think they can raise all these taxes, and then expect people to survive! I mean, if I gave 62% out of everyone’s paychecks, and I have some very high paid people on my payroll, they wouldn’t be able to survive. I employ mothers, I employ single moms, I employ single guys, I employ black and LGBTQ+, everyone! You know what I mean? What I am trying to say is that it doesn’t matter if you have a kid or not, or even if you are a single person, you cannot survive with making 100K a year and then they take 40-60% of that from you!

Avery: That is supposed to go for free Healthcare and free all this stuff where it doesn’t give anyone the incentive to work hard anymore. That’s the issue with socialism. You take from the rich and get rid of the middle class altogether. You are either poor or you’re rich, and all your money is being taken to funnel down to the people that can’t afford it, but that’s not how the system goes. It’s a crumbling system that doesn’t breed any kind of success. People will move away. People who are successful are not going to work their asses off to take care of people who don’t want to have that drive to try to be successful.

Heather: Yeah, exactly! I mean it’s really hard, I have a single mom that works for me and it’s been rough for her. Another thing I have a really big problem with the Democrats right now is the home schooling situation. Vegas, why are all the Casinos open, yet I have single moms working for me who have had to cut their hours from 40-50 hrs. a week down to 20 because they have to stay at home with their kids during the day because they can’t afford to pay someone else to watch them to make sure they are on Zoom. I don’t get it, it’s a completely fucked up situation! How can somebody go to the mall, but my goddaughter has to be in a private school that costs her mother a lot more money just so she can get her work done? I don’t understand the system!

Avery: That’s the issue! It’s that nothing makes sense right now. Nothing. It’s all politicized. It’s all being used for certain types of things, and nothing makes sense, and that’s why you start to ask questions. That’s why you can’t just do as you’re told because you have to think outside the box and think, “why is this happening, but not this?” Start asking questions and start doing research, and don’t just blindly follow what these people in power are telling you to do! So, that is what lead me on my little journey into doing research and trying to figure out what is really going on, and I think that there is a lot of corruption.

Heather: I agree.

Avery: It’s causing a lot of unrest and it’s targeting our President who is trying to expose it.

Heather: Yes! And speaking of the President exposing something, I am sure you ended up down the rabbit hole like many other people, and this may or may not have sparked your speak campaign, but Wayfair, Child trafficking, Human trafficking… How and when did you get started with this campaign, and why is it so important to you?

Avery: Well, that was one thing that did spark, but what I will say is first off, I am not QAnon. There were a lot of things that came up on the internet. Thank God for social media in certain regards. Social media right now is the platform to get the information out because we really can’t rely on our own main stream media. It’s really getting a bunch of information out, and the fact is that there is information going out that is obviously not accurate, but also information going out that is accurate. The QAnon Movement came out and started exposing a bunch of human trafficking and all this stuff that is going on with child trafficking rings, but some of that stuff is not verified or not necessarily accurate, so when I was lead down a path and when I was reading about QAnon, and I started researching a bunch of the stuff  that they believe, which lead me down obviously a giant rabbit hole that was never ending.

Heather: Same! I didn’t sleep for a month!

Avery: I was up until 4 or 5 in the morning sometimes just researching, and sometimes I couldn’t sleep and my heart would be broken and I would be like, “This is crazy” and I would have to gather myself and say that I can’t believe everything that’s going on, but what I can do is I can start to really reach out to people who are in the game, and start figuring out what is real and what isn’t. But it really sparked my passion, because I myself am a survivor of those types of things. I came from a very abusive past, and I’ve had a lot of things that have happened to me, so it really sparked a passion in me that if there is a lot of stuff going on out there, I want to be a part of the group that ends it. So, I just started reaching out to a bunch of people in that realm to gather information. I started doing observations of abusers, and I was invited to The Global Rights for Women Group. There’s a psychologist there who would allow me to go on these private Zoom calls as an observer and listen to these abusers and hear some of the stuff they think and what they do. I started doing a ton of my own research, and there are things that I believe and there are things I don’t believe because I don’t have enough evidence or research on, but I do know that there is a problem. I know that it is one of the biggest problems that we face on the planet today, next to the drug trade which is growing immensely is the worst it’s ever been. It’s not just children, and it’s not just sex slavery. This is labor, this is organ harvesting. These are things that are happening right now and this is real life, and people are trying to say it’s a conspiracy theory but it’s not, and we need to create a boom. We need to create awareness around it, because if we aren’t creating awareness, if we aren’t getting it out there for people to understand and see, people think it’s only happening elsewhere, not in our own communities. It is happening in our own communities. It’s happening everywhere. It’s all over the place, and finally we have a President who is in office right now who has dedicated a complete task force to Human Trafficking and combating Human Trafficking and nobody wants to talk about it, and nobody wants to do it, but we have so many resources now. The biggest issue for these organizations is funding and awareness because we haven’t done our job in creating enough awareness around us, so that people actually know what the problem is. So, if they don’t have funds, it’s because they have lack of awareness, the two go hand in hand. So, I thought in my mind, what can I do as a person? I don’t really have the skills to go in and do these operations, and I don’t have a psychology degree to help survivors, and I don’t have certain things, so what can I do? I can use my platform to gain awareness and push awareness out to people about this problem. What I can do even further is I can start creating something that keeps spreading the message that when people get this product or people get this whatever it is. That’s when I came up with my awareness brand and I came up with S.P.E.A.K.  I was going to be that middle man where I created the awareness and a movement to get people aware of what is going on so we can funnel and gain resources that will go towards these organizations that don’t have the funding to support those who are out there doing the work!

Avery S.P.E.A.K. clothing

Heather: Yes, I totally agree. What are your thoughts on this whole Adrenochrome and the celebrities and all that stuff? I got into that rabbit hole for a couple of weeks.

Avery: Yeah! That is something where obviously it hasn’t been completely verified, but when you go down the rabbit hole, it’s like connecting dots and you have to be able to look at all the dots and connect them, but it’s like that in-between where there can be vital missing information, you know?

Heather: Yeah, I agree.

Avery: Dots are probably connected differently. So, that is where it’s like, I heard that stuff and it’s terrifying and there is a lot of things that they found that they can probably back it up, but it’s not verified. So, in my mind, I have to be like, “it could be real, it could be going on, but until I know for sure, I can’t say that it’s happening.” But from what I know going on with children and what they are doing with elites, you have the Bohemian Grove which has been verified, where they, oh my gosh I am about to go on this tangent–

Heather: No, you are fine. What is that? I never heard of that!  Now you are going to make me go down another rabbit hole.

Avery: Well, I heard this on the Joe Rogan Podcast actually, and they verified it. There was a guy who was a journalist, and his name was Alex, and Bohemian Grove is a 2,700 acre place in California that is gated off and has high security. You can’t go in unless you are invited and it’s a forest area and the Elites, only the highest people who basically run the world, are allowed to go there. He broke into this place and then video recorded what they do and apparently–

Heather: I am Googling this right now!

Avery: “Bohemian Grove,” it’s in California! I watched the video of him and what he recorded, and they do rituals to “Moloch” who is the baby god — the god they sacrifice children to. So, he has an actual video of them doing the ritual and they all run around naked, and they all have gay sex there so that they can all have things on each other so that if one person wants to tell another person – it’s like they’re all straight but they force them to have sex with one another like the gays. Like they will make them have sex in the ass and all this stuff just so they can have something on each other.

Heather: Oh wow.

Avery: Yeah, it is pretty crazy –

Heather: So, he actually broke into this place! Okay, I am looking at it online, thank you for getting me down another rabbit hole.

Avery: There are so many! You look at stuff like that which is very verified, and he even did an interview with a high Politician where he asked him about the video because he said he broke into Bohemian Grove. The Politician thought he was invited, because he was like, “How do you know about all that stuff?” and he said “Well, I broke in” and he tried to tell him he isn’t supposed to do that, and that he took an oath when he went in, and the journalist said, “No, I didn’t take an oath, I broke in!” So, he said “Did you participate in the ritual?” and the guy was like, you are not supposed to put that footage out to the public that is not for you to put out. So, there is a lot of people doing weird stuff out there, and it has been documented, and you can only think that there has to be some type of validity to some of the allegations. Maybe not to the extent of some of them, but there has to be something. I do believe that there are Devil worshippers out there, and that there are people out there that do really weird stuff, but when it comes to these very powerful people, we have to question their power because power breeds corruption. It’s like, you have to question the people in power.

Heather: Yeah, I agree with that because it’s just like that thing without, what is it? I am really bad at sayings. “Without smoke, there is not fire” or whatever like that? You know what I am talking about, I am like the worst at sayings, I get everything backwards! People make fun of me about it all the time. Like what did I say the other day to my staff? I said, “If it’s not fixed, you don’t have to break it” *Laughs* and they were like, “what are you talking about?”

Avery: “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it!”

Heather: Yeah! Exactly! So, yeah, there has to be some sort of validity to these things. Obviously, do I think Hilary Clinton ripped a child’s head off? No, I don’t think so. But at this point, you never know these days. *Laughs*

Avery: I don’t know! *Laughs* I am remaining open and skeptical. It might be real? It might not be real? I don’t know nowadays. Its 2020, I just don’t know.

Heather: I just keep waiting for the aliens to come. I keep telling everybody. Like, is that going to be the ending of 2020? The aliens coming?

Avery: You did hear that the Pentagon and Department of Defense admitted that UFO’s are real, right?

Heather: Oh yes! I watched The Phenomenon, that movie that just came out. It was pretty good. I mean you have to follow, and I couldn’t text while I was watching so I had to rewind.

Avery: I know! I watched it like four times!

Heather: Yeah, you have to keep watching it. I bought it on my Apple. Ok, to wrap this up because I know you are super busy, I want to talk about where people can find you online, and more importantly where people can purchase the S.P.E.A.K. merchandise because I want people to buy it and I’m going to be posting it! I’m actually going to buy mine today and I really want people to be involved.

Avery: My Instagram is @averydopecook, you can find me on there, but as of right now since we are so new with S.P.E.A.K. our online apparel website is actually in the construction making stage so you can’t go there yet, but I do have a campaign going on right now where you can get hoodies and shirts and tank tops and stuff like that through bonfire.com. I just want people to know that the clothing you are purchasing for the campaign is different clothing than we are going to be supplying through our awareness apparel line, because the awareness apparel line is going to have like tailoring, manufacturing, very high quality, and different designs, and different sayings, that will promote awareness for trafficking. But the S.P.E.A.K campaign is really just a campaign that I am putting on right now to get the logo out there and to get the word out there and to raise funds for Operation Underground Railroad where they actually go in and get the children out.

Heather: That’s great! Well, thank you so much. Is there anything you want to tell us? Are you getting back with that guy from Australia? Just kidding *Laughs*

Avery: No!

Heather: It really reminded me of that Sex and the City episode. Remember? When Carrie had to take the money to do that new city, new dating thing? You know what I’m talking about? That episode?

Avery: No!

Heather: So, she got paid from the Learning Annex is what they said, and she had to teach single women how to get dates and people showed up and she was like “uh” and they just look at her. So, the second day she goes there and she says, “You know what? Let’s just go to a bar.”, and she spent the money they paid her on buying everybody drinks and it was a good ending, but it totally reminded me of that. I was like Uh, what are these people doing? Did people actually pay him for that? Is that his real job?

Avery: No, no. It was kind of set up.

Heather: Yeah, but what is his job though?

Avery: He is supposed to be a one-on-one relationship coach to help women find love, and every single time I tried to ask him more about it I got more and more confused.

Heather: What do you think, he was just fucking these old ladies? *laughs*

Avery: I was literally like; I guarantee you that you are probably an Escort!

Heather: Yeah, something because I mean, the amount of text messages those women were sending him were a little much.

Avery: Well, I think that he was a really, really nice guy, but it couldn’t have worked.

Heather: Ok thank you again Avery for sharing with us!

Avery: Awesome!



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