It’s All In The Hands




Let’s face it, the aging process isn’t going away for any of us. We can do what we can to slow its’ effects, but it’s inevitable. I read somewhere once that the eyes are the window to the soul. If that’s the case, then the hands are like creaky garage doors with broken windows, lol. Like it or not, the hands tell all. I often take selfies and have jokes in many interviews about my creepy hands. I started doing anti-age treatments on hands a few months ago and I can see a huge difference in their appearance. What’s best about this, is it doesn’t take a lot of time and the changes can be quite dramatic. Obviously, having a nice manicure, clean cuticles and so forth will help enhance the look of your hands, but the skin is where it’s at.

There are several different DIY and medical procedures you can do to fix your hands. Although I’ll discuss all the options, I have yet to take the medical route on this one yet (although I want to, and if I do I’ll post the procedure on my IG @HeatherMarianna so you can see it, just like I did my face threading).

Ways I have been anti-aging my hands are as follows (very simple things we all should be doing):

-Hand exfoliation with this Beauty Kitchen favorite: Rose Geranium Sugar Scrub for face and body.
-Hand washing with this product before bed pre-exfoliation: Rose & Geranium Antioxidant Cleanser
-Moisturizing my hands with this product: Rosehip & Hibiscus Daily Moisturizer (also comes in a trial size perfect for purse!)
-I also mask my hands with this weekly: Weekly Mini Treatment – Anti Age : Rose Geranium Clay Mask & Rose Water.


The reason I use these specific products on my hands is that they are also great for the face and full of antiaging antioxidants and benefits. Because of that, these items are already in my beauty arsenal and should be in yours as well! Talk about multi-purpose!

When out in the sun, always be sure to apply a sunscreen as well. I obviously use this one and keep the trial size in my car – Daily SPF 30 Sunscreen Moisturizer.

For a more dramatic change, my friend Peggy at Simply Radiant Med-Spa can do medical wonders to your hands with non-invasive treatments. Peggy has lasers that can remove dark spots, age spots, etc. She can also do a gentle chemical peel on your hands to give them a fresh glow with new skin. Fillers are another option to plump up the natural look of the hands (which is a treatment I want badly)! Her prices are very reasonable and if you mention me, I’m sure she will treat your hands a little extra special! There really isn’t any need to go under the knife or have a fat transfer when so many new techniques are available with very little recovery time!

We all want to age as gracefully as possible. Try incorporating these tips into your routine and surely you’ll guarantee that!