Jet Lag Sucks!




Like many of you, I’ve already started planning my 2021 getaways. Now that there are finally a few vaccine options on the horizon, we have the hope that there will be control over the COVID spread and that we may actually get back a sense of normality. On my list so far I’ve got: Africa (again, duh) , Iceland (Blue Lagoon), Las Ventana’s in Los Cabos (my favorite Cabo spot), and another trip to the famed Versace Hotel (my east coast home away from home).


The one thing about travel that is universally hated is the tiredness we feel after a long flight (for me, even a flight over 2 hours). I dread it! I feel like it ruins my trip, the first day I am so beyond tired. While planning my trips and packing strategies (more on that in an upcoming blog), I started to think of ways I can fight jet lag and came up with a super helpful list!

Here are a few ways that can help you land with that extra “vacation pep” in your step:

-Get plenty of rest the night before. I make sure I do this now, I hate traveling tired. It ruins your whole trip.

-Pack a blanket for the flight. I always do, my travel blanket favorite is a soft big scarf from Burberry.

-Don’t drink on the plane, or limit your consumption. We all know that drinking makes you really tired. There is nothing worse than landing drunk and trying to find your luggage or car. Been there, done that, and those days are over for me! If you want a cocktail to soothe the flight anxiety limit yourself to 1 or 2. If the flight is under 2 hours just skip the drinks altogether. Try sticking to tea and water. The plane for some reason dehydrates you, and with COVID, it’s better to keep your mask on as much as possible!

-Take Melatonin for long flights. If you have a long flight for 5 hours or more, I would suggest drinking some chamomile tea or taking a low dose melatonin tablet and passing out. Set your alarm for 30 mins before landing so you have time to wake up and regroup. If you are flying a red-eye, most definitely sleep!

-Use Lavender Essential Oil. This is a savior of mine. I diffuse it in my bedroom a few nights a week. Just breathing in the essential oil can relax you and promote a nice little nap for shorter flights. I usually take some of our Lavender Sleep Spray in the 2oz bottle on my flights. Works like a charm — it’s very calming!

-Drink some Green Juice. Consider drinking a green juice upon landing, as it will promote natural energy. Try to stay away from coffee, which will inevitably cause you to crash before dinner! The nutrients in these juices will give you a great boost when you land, and thankfully can be found at most airports. If you are flying private, pack a juice and a salad for the flight!

-Collagen Eye Gels from Beauty Kitchen. I always pack these when I fly, and they help me land looking and feeling refreshed. Find them here.

Now I know we probably won’t do all of these things, but try to plan for a few of them during your next scheduled trip and you’ll feel a difference. Remember to relax and rest before and during your travel, and to move around and do a little dance when you land! You are on VACAY! And a long-awaited vacay, might I add. Enjoy!