Under-Eye Puffiness Tips & Products That Actually Work




It’s the morning of a big meeting and you wake up with big, puffy under-eyes, what do you do? Or, you’re running late, get soap in your eye while showering, and your day’s already a mess. Or you’ve just been in a huge fight with your significant other and have been crying and your eyes are swollen. It happens! I’m not talking about dark circles; I’m talking about the puffiness and redness around the eyes that makes us look tired.

Here are some tried and true products and hacks that I use before important meetings when I’ve had a little too much salt (which makes you puffy), or just a bad day, and they work. Trust me on this.

-Ice Or A Cold Compress

Ice your eyes, forehead, and your entire face. I use cryo-frozen metal balls on my face in the mornings when I need a little de-puff over Beauty Kitchen Collagen Eye Gels and that works wonders.

-Take A Walk

If it’s not 105 degrees outside by 7am like it is in Vegas, take a quick 15-minute walk while you check those morning emails. Circulation will aid in de-puffing those eyes.

-Take A Cold Shower

Put your face under a cold shower faucet for a few minutes. This will not only help to wake you up, but also help lymphatic drainage for your entire body and reduce puffiness under your eyes.

-Use A Roller And A Sheet Mask

If you have the time, give yourself 20 minutes of soft music and roll either a jade roller or rose quartz eye massager (we offer both on our tool page) over a sheet mask (like our Superior Mushroom Sheet Mask).

-Eye Creams

Eye creams are miracle workers, they seriously work! I love anything with caffeine in it — I really like The Ordinary brand Caffeine Serum, and I also swear by Marianna Naturals’ Superior Mushroom Eye Cream and Serum.

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