My Self-Care Must-Haves




What is Self-Care? According to Wikipedia, “self-care refers to actions and attitudes which contribute to the maintenance of well-being and personal health and promote human development.”

We all need some self-care sometimes, especially since it contributes to well-being and personal health! Here are a few of my absolute favorite things that I love for my “Heather Days”. These are things that make me happy, show me results, and help me unwind. Each item on this list is something I really use every single week and brings me happiness or “sparks joy”. I hope they do for you too!

**Hint Hint – This is also a great post to send along to someone special (along with your Birthday list or for Valentine’s Day which is just around the corner!).


For my go-to lounge wear, I rep SKIMS all the way.

These outfits make me feel so comfy yet sexy at the same time. Here are my top picks:

-Soft Lounge Boxer | SKIMS

-Soft Lounge Plunge Bralette | SKIMS

-Cozy Knit Jogger | SKIMS

-Cozy Knit Bralette | SKIMS

-Cozy Knit Pant | SKIMS


My go-to skincare brands would have to be, of course, Beauty Kitchen and Marianna Naturals. Here are my top picks for weekly use. Easy and manageable choices for anyone, with any skin type!


-Collagen Eye Gels

“One eye gel set per package and one-time use. Unseal the package, apply each gel under the contours of your eyes. Go from puffy to perfection in ten minutes. Can be worn until eye masks are completely dry for a longer, more intense treatment. Pro Tip: Throw these in your bag so you can have your favorite anti-aging products on the go!”

You can even buy these in a 30-Day Bundle and save a ton while trying out all the varieties!


-100% Rose Water Spray Toner & Refresher

“Refreshing, revitalizing, not to mention multi-use. Spray for a hydrating boost. Set your makeup or spritz for a midday pick-me-up. Beauty Kitchen’s 100% Pure Rosewater from Bulgarian roses will revive dehydrated skin with a dewy glow anytime, anywhere.”

I love the smell of rose, and this is a great hydrating spray you can use on face, body and hair. Rose is known for countless skin benefits. It’s a definite must-have.


-Cucumber Hydrosol Facial Toner

“Beauty Kitchen brings the glory of fresh cucumbers to your beauty routine with this pure fruit extract hydrosol. Perfect for skin hydration any time of the day, this spray can also be used over makeup to set or refresh. This product is like no other cucumber product you’ve ever used; it’s the beauty equivalent of fresh cut cucumbers and smells exactly the same.”

Another one of my favorites, I take this with me when I do hot Pilates (it stays in my gym bag!).


-Skin Balancing Turmeric Facial Scrub

“Turmeric, Neem, and Mustard Seed combine in this perfectly blended scrub that tames oily, out of control, troubled skin while restoring warmth and radiance. This scrub offers a truly unique and refining experience.”

I love this facial scrub, it works so well not only to remove clay masks but really evens my skin tone.


-Beet That Acne Clay Mask

Beet that Acne Mask is a Beauty Kitchen favorite that resolves acne fast, the natural way.

My go to mask for breakouts, I mix it with the Chaotic Skin Astringent to hydrate the clay, and spray my masks with it as well.


Red Seaweed Tightening Mask

An all-over aloe gel formulated with organic aloe leaf juice, fruit and flower extracts and a high content of red algae that provides a cooling sensation to skin as it tightens and tones the sometimes troubled face, chest, and neck areas.

This is a great mask for the hands and neck. I layer it on and sleep in it. I also use it with the NuFace Machines (up next).

Another thing that I’m obsessed with, and always have been obsessed with, are facial machines. I use these two from NUFACE and I really like the results: Trinity Wrinkle Reducer,  & Trinity Facial Toning Device. Next on my list is the body one!


Something that I absolutely will never regret spending the money on were these slippers. They are my go-to, inside-only shoes. They’ll last a lifetime if you take care of them.


Finally, I love my sheet masks, and this is my obvious go-to. Pair it with an LED light and you will feel amazing!

-Superior Mushroom Sheet Mask – 6pc Bundle

“A hydrating, soothing sheet mask with Reishi Mushroom & Sea Buckthorn. Ideal for all skins types—even gentle enough for sensitive skin. In just one 3-minute application, this superfood-infused sheet mask—made from the pulp of trees—transforms the look of skin from stressed to soothed. The lightweight treatment instantly hydrates, rapidly reduces visible redness & boosts skin’s resilience. Skin is left looking & feeling calm, comfortable & hydrated.”


Here’s the current LED light I use: Project E Beauty Face Mask Light. An Amazon find!


So those are my top picks for your ultimate self-care stock up! I hope you enjoyed them and are inspired to grab a few for yourself. Also, don’t forget to tag us in your self-care days! ABT, “always be tagging”, and you might win some of my self-care picks!