How To Start Your Day the Beauty Kitchen Way




First off, Happy 2021! I know I said it in my last post, but we made it! I know we all have extremely high hopes for this year, or at least I do. I started planning my first quarter, big picture back in November. September and October weren’t very good months for me. It was like I was stuck on the so-called “hamster wheel” and couldn’t get off, but one thing that’s always pulled me out of my funks is mindset. I preach it to everyone, but sometimes lack my own discipline to stay in a positive frame of mind. Since then, I’ve gotten back on track and wanted to share with all of you some positive ways that help me start my day. Beauty Kitchen is not just a brand it’s a lifestyle.


I try to get up earlier than most people. It’s nice to have that morning “alone time” to myself with no noise so that I can check emails and make coffee. Total silence in the morning is a game changer. If you live alone that’s easier, however, if you live with someone who is a little extra noisy in the morning, then try to get up one hour before they do. This will change you, trust me.


Depending on the weather, I also like to sit outside on the back porch or on my bedroom balcony and take in the fresh air while I have my coffee and check emails. I throw on some BK Eye Gels and get a little self-care time in as well.

Listen to meditation music while you get ready in the morning (I mentioned in a previous blog how I use a shower speaker and do that while I shower.) Not into meditation music? That is absolutely fine! Turn on your favorite jams instead, dance around your bathroom, sing, get moving while you brush your teeth, and slay that face!


Here are some meditation tunes I recommend:

On my drive to the office I often speak to the universe about gratitude and what I’m thankful for. Living in gratitude will unlock a sense of happiness that you’ve never known, trust me. I choose the music for my drive to work wisely. One day I’ll be listening to Ryan’s Roses on Kiss LA laughing, the next day Joel Osteen. It’s your drive, and your mood to set.


Some days are going to be harder than others, but learning how to be thankful all morning long, and taking a little time for self-care can really start your morning off right and set the tone for the entire day. I’ve noticed a quiet home is happy home for me. Everyone is different. Make some simple adjustments and see what happens. Be sure to tag me in your morning routines, we are always choosing winners to get self-care packages from my brands, so ABT, always be taggin!