I Feel Sluggish and Overwhelmed. Am I The Only One?




In the words of Andi Anderson of Composure Magazine, “I will absolutely always use my life for blog stories.” If you get it, you get it. With that said, let’s go! Today’s blog is about my sheer sluggish self and weight gain from being overwhelmed. I know that if I am facing these issues, then chances are some of you readers are as well. I’m going to be writing a few more posts on how stress effects weight as well, at least that is what I am choosing to blame.

I don’t know what the issue is. Maybe it’s the state of the world (I’m so sick of that excuse too), but I just work and sleep every day like it’s Groundhog Day. I always have these grand plans of weekends having fun, but I just whelp sleep. Anyone else?

So, as I write this post I’m going to challenge myself for the next 28 days. It’s February 1st today (Chinese New Year and the start of Black History Month, a pretty big day), and there’s no better time to start than now. For the next 28 days I’m going to work on all the things that I have been slacking on. And, like I said, if I’ve been slacking then I know some of you will get what I am saying. I’ll be updating my progress on Instagram @AskHeatherMariannaBlog.

Here’s My List!
– I need to make sure I am taking my vitamins, daily.
– I need to get moving more. No matter what.
– I need to sweat daily at the sauna. I just bought a package and will be at Drop Sauna every day.
– I need to get up earlier. Most days I’m up at 5, but I don’t want to sleep until 7 anymore on other days.
– I need to ENJOY my weekends and have a cheat day on Sundays with one meal, HA.
– I will juice more! Refer to my previous blogs with some great juice recipes.
– And I will tone up by doing more workouts!

I challenge everyone reading this to take the first day of March, or even to start now if you’re so inclined, and make a list of things that you want to improve on and work the list. We all feel sluggish and out of sorts sometimes, and with this pandemic and everything else we have to juggle it hasn’t been easy on any of us. It’s okay not to be okay sometimes, or to be in our best shape, or not want to get up and put makeup on. We are all HUMAN and we are just taking things one day and one step at a time. It is what it is, and we have to just deal with this new weird world.