Why I Sweat Daily & Where I Go to Do It




Sweating is important for many reasons, and no, it isn’t gross! Just shower after and follow my tips. While some may debate the validity of being able to sweat out toxins, others say it’s crucial for flushing toxins from the body. I can personally attest that during my hour-long sweat sessions I feel lighter, revived, and sometimes there is brown sweat on the white towels. Toxins? Yes, definitely.

Both of my favorite “sweat boxes” (as I call them) also pair the heat of the sauna with infrared lights. Infrared therapy has many benefits to the human body. These include detoxification, pain relief, reduction of muscle tension, relaxation, improved circulation, weight loss, skin purification, lowered side effects of diabetes, the boosting of the immune system, and lowering of blood pressure. Needless to say, combining infrared with sauna heat is simply amazing. Your body will thank you.

I‘ve been doing my workouts at HOTWORX, which has a variety of virtually instructed infrared sauna workouts and equipment, then finishing off my sweat sessions at Drop Sauna by relaxing in their private sauna suites. I have monthly memberships at both, and they are worth every penny.

Before you start on your sweat journey, let me list a few things that I consider must-haves for my sweat sessions.

-For Drop Sauna, I always bring along one of my hydration toners. I spritz myself throughout the sessions, and it’s heavenly. I switch between these three: Cucumber Hydrosol, Rosewater, or A Girl’s Gotta Rest Lavender Sleep Spray.

-I also love to read inside the sauna! I’m currently reading How to Take Your Company Public and Flow: 19 Days to Mindfulness!

-For HOTWORX, since you bring in a gym bag and the rooms are shared, I like to bring these items in my bag: It’s Essential All Purpose Cleaner and a bottle of BK travel-sized hand sanitizer. I use the all-purpose cleaner in the air, and to clean the weights before and after I use them. Although the equipment is very clean and well maintained, I like to spritz the hand weights in the FX Zone area after I use them for the next person.

-I also love a great water bottle. For both sessions, water is a MUST. Here’s the bottle I use:
Smoky Quartz Crystal Elixir Water Bottle. I actually even have the giant crystal water dispenser in my house (prosperity blend) and I love it. It’s pretty amazing! I definitely need to get more of the interchangeable crystals.

-A good towel and mat for HOTWORX is a must-have and they offer really good ones there for purchase. Drop Sauna also has towels, tee shirts, headbands… you name it!

So, you might be wondering, why do I sweat daily? Two reasons: Fitness and Relaxation.

I feel like going to Drop after my HOTWORX cycle sessions keeps my internal stove running and burns more calories, and it also gives me a little time to relax and calm down after two brutal, back-to-back cycle sessions. My legs and booty have never looked better btw, I’m addicted.

Each sauna session can burn up to 800 calories, and that’s just sitting. Pair that with a hot cycle session and I’m probably burning about 1500 calories in a sweat session, releasing hella toxins, and sleeping better. Sign me up.

Don’t believe me yet? Let’s list the benefits of sweating inside an infrared sauna:

Weight Loss
First and foremost, sweating will definitely boost weight loss. Yes, you may lose water weight during a session that will inevitably come right back, but you’re also using energy and burning calories, which contributes to more permanent weight loss, especially with cycle. Also, Drop Sauna has weights available in the rooms you can use, and I’ll often do squats in the room since it’s totally private.

As previously mentioned, we release toxins during sweating, and it’s also been said that sweating helps clear acne, promotes healthier organs, and gives the liver a break. We all need that! I’m currently in the process of moving, and once I’m all settled in, I plan on hitting Drop twice a day on the weekends.

Heart Health

When we put the body in a situation where it needs to cool itself down by sweating, that gets your heart pumping similar to a cardio workout. Additionally, sitting or performing physical exercise from within a sauna environment can reduce the risk of cardiovascular health problems. This is actually one of the big reasons my friend Francine invented Drop Sauna. Read her blog here.

Muscle Recovery

Infrared saunas can alleviate soreness and speed up the recovery process, which is exactly why I love this post hot-cycle sessions!

Throughout COVID-19, it’s been all over the internet that infrared saunas can actually help ward off the virus. Probably, in my opinion, from the flushing of the toxins. Although it’s relationship to COVID prevention hasn’t been proven, I do believe that infrared sauna treatments help boost our general immunity.

Just as sweat can flush out certain toxins, it can also expel impurities like pollutants, dirt, and makeup embedded in the skin. Who doesn’t want better skin? All you have to do to improve the tone, clarity, and texture your skin is sweat? Not to mention, sweating also improves circulation, which can promote collagen production as well. Sign me up!

This is so important. While I get my muscle recovery time in at Drop, I read in the sauna or zone out to chill music (they have TVs in the private rooms, yup even Netflix), or I’ll do my naked squats — although the last part really depends on how sore I am from HOTWORX!

Don’t have a Drop Sauna location in your area? Well don’t worry, Francine is one to watch out for and she is franchising everywhere. Look like a business you want to get into? Send her an email though her website! As far as HOTWORX, they are also popping up everywhere. Thanks to my friend Holly for opening up one in Henderson and getting me addicted. Every time I post, I’m flooded with messages from people saying, “I love that place!”, so clearly more people are sweating that you think!

Be sure to get your crystal water bottle, your Beauty Kitchen hydration toners, your hand sanitizer and spray cleaner, and get ready to feel good, sleep better, and look good too!