Ready to Travel In 2022? Read This!




It’s been about 2 years of travel restrictions with all the rules and regulations constantly “up in the air” unlike most of us…lol. Most Americans are having those “2020 high hopes” for 2022, so according to many travel surveys and blogs 37% of Americans are planning international and domestic trips this year. I can definitely believe it!

Flight prices are at an all-time high (due to gas/oil prices) and bookings have jumped 35% for travel across the board. Flight searches to major European cities have also grown significantly in a short time span. For example: Between September and October they increased by 65% from Los Angeles to London, and 110% from New York to Paris according to Expedia data. Warm-weather hotspots close to the U.S., like the Riviera Maya, Cancun, Isla Mujeres, and Punta Cana have been most popular overall for American tourists traveling in early 2022, according to Expedia.

I feel like most people are going to begin planning 2022 vacations, if they haven’t already, for two reasons.
1. People are vaccinated and feel like they are completely safe.
2. People are just over this entire thing and don’t care anymore.

So, which one are you?

I’d say I’m a little bit of both. I am vaccinated and have been around many, many, MANY people with COVID and have yet to catch it or notice. That’s another blog for another day though honey. However, I also feel that we need to follow guidelines and still do our part to be safe.

For those traveling in 2022, here are some things to watch out for!

Travelers should take certain precautions, largely in the interest of safeguarding against financial losses. With everything changing so quickly, and the new variant OMNICON making its first appearance in the US this week, we need to really think about not only the risk of financial loss, but also losing ourselves by falling sick.

Experts recommend travel insurance, which refunds trip costs in the event of a trip cancellation or other unforeseen circumstances. I would also be sure that your insurance covers the possibility of COVID related cancellations or trip delays, as borders are constantly opening and closing, and you also want to be sure you or your travel partners aren’t ill by the time the trip arrives. While there are many different types of travel insurance, a “Cancel For Any Reason” policy is generally the only one that allows travelers to recoup funds if they cancel a trip for a COVID-related reason, experts said. Most basic policies don’t cover that, but even “Cancel For Any Reason” policies may not offer a full refund so it’s important to understand a policy’s specific conditions before buying. Travelers should also look into airfare and hotel options that allow for refunds, travel credits or changes, even if those options cost a little more, experts said.

Also, consider what’s going on in the world! This month Austria closed the borders, and the U.S. and Germany are thinking about doing the same. We all know what happened in March of 2020 had a huge domino effect that is still causing ripples, so be mindful about what’s going on east of us and take that into account. I’d take a hard look at the map (I’m a visual person), and move away from making any plans in the more COVID-impacted areas. Here’s a great guide for COVID travel that is super helpful during planning!

Now that we have in mind all the precautions and tips for travel planning, where are your 2022 bucket list places?

I’m planning on another 10 days in Africa to volunteer, and if I can get away with it I’d love to stay a month. But, that’s mostly wishful thinking with my company trading on the stock market. I also would love to visit Iceland and Paris (my home away from home). For domestic travel I’ll definitely be hitting the famed Versace Mansion for 10 days, and I’ll also be definitely spending more time in NYC (a close flight to Montreal!).

If you’re looking for some great spots to visit, check out Cottar’s Safaris for some amazing stay options in Kenya, and The Hôtel Plaza Athénée in Paris for a luxury experience. They both are amazing and I absolutely loved my stays with them. Also, here’s a link for National Geographic’s top 2022 Vacations, so check that out for more inspiration!

I hope all of your 2022 dream vacations come true! Happy (and safe) travels!