Introducing “Ask Heather” – A new take on my first love




Here we are again, back at the beginning almost 8 years later! Introducing “Ask Heather” — a blog for skincare, DIYs, boss babe advice, recipes and much more. I am so excited to start back where I began, way back in 2013, blogging and creating simple, accessible, and effective DIY tips that work for everyone. I hope you will join me on this journey!

It’s now nearly the end of 2020, and over the last seven years I have been busy. For those of you who have followed Beauty Kitchen’s journey since the early days, you know it started from humble beginnings, just me, my garage and a dream. Back then, I never imagined or even expected to come full circle, craving those simple things again.

Surprisingly, being quarantined has actually charged my creativity! I recently launched Marianna Naturals, BK’s new sister company in Canada (with a lot of help from my new Canadian CEO Joel), and even formulated and created our new Superior Mushroom Line under that brand. Surviving a pandemic as a brand and business owner wasn’t easy, but with that same dream I held in my garage all those years ago, I stood in my shipping warehouse with the thought that no matter what, I will make this work. Sure enough, being the steadfast CEO that I am, and someone who is capable of adapting (a skill probably learned from my childhood), we made it work.

While I am so incredibly grateful for all of the brand’s success, Covid-19 has changed my focus on a very personal note — I realized it’s time to get back to me. It’s changed me, as I know it’s changed all of you. One lonely night in quarantine, not so long ago, I thought to myself, “It’s time to bring back my blog,” and just like that, “Ask Heather” was born.

I often get asked a lot of questions about business advice, skincare (obviously), beauty tips, or even where I got my outfit. So many times I hear from people, “I was told to ask you…” fill in the blank. To me, it made sense that this time around my blog will be a place where people can ask me their questions and we can all participate in the conversation. It can even just be a place to source some information as I answer questions, share some of my favorite tips and tricks, feature some guests, and share some of my passions.

For everything from beauty and skincare, to fashion, lifestyle, organizational hacks and more, this will be your go to place. Information is key, and like I said back in 2013, “We don’t have all the the time or the money in the world (more now than ever) to go to the spa (if they are even open, lol),” so let’s get together here at “Ask Heather” and create our own spa experiences. I can’t wait for you all to enjoy these posts, ask your questions, tag me, and share photos of your very own DIY spa nights. I would love to see what you want to know, learn and create.

If you have any questions, please email me at or send me your questions through the “Ask Heather” tab on our blog homepage. Also, don’t forget to follow the personal IG page for this blog @AskHeatherMariannaBlog!