Ease Back into the Gym




Are you one of those people who loathe the gym? Or have you simply been falling off the gym wagon like me? I’ve been so inconsistent with my workouts lately, and as much as I try to block out time for it, I can’t seem to get up in time in the mornings to go. Working out at night is just not an option for me with my crazy busy schedule. I can’t go, go, go after 7PM — I get so tired! Lol.

Busyness aside, I have been able to incorporate a few moves that are helping me get some steps in and burn calories on the days that I don’t go to Hotworx or hit the sauna. I wanted to share my tips this week for us lazy bitches, lol. Hope they help get you moving!

I definitely stretch for at least 10 minutes when I wake up to get myself going and moving. I also think about all the things I’m grateful for while doing this, which keeps me motivated to start and continue my day on a positive note.

While getting ready in the mornings I’m only allowing myself a few minutes of the Today Show (while I stretch) then it’s on to music, shower and dancing around the bathroom with the volume turned up. Lol. I also think this helps my general mood since by 5 AM I’m already getting work texts and calls beginning my day, and I get super overwhelmed quickly.

Jump Rope and Planks
These are two easy moves I use a lot in the Hotworx sauna and at home. Sometimes I’ll do these on commercial breaks when watching my shows on my lazy Sundays too. They are easy and effective moves and you can literally do them in your bedroom!

Butt Raises
Another simple move you can do anywhere — laying on your back, just lift your hips up and down. You can even put a weight on your stomach and really work the booty. I learned that tip from my client Danielle, owner of SmoothSkinFirming.com. She has great stuff, go check her out!

No matter what your lazy factor is at the gym, there’s always something we can do to start the day off right and in a good mood with gratitude! Let’s get moving!