Las Vegas Informer – Kissable Lips

Published: January 2014

Recently on a shopping trip with some of my girlfriends, we walked into one of those very well-known and also very addicting makeup stores. You know what I am talking about, the one that everyone shops at, the one where a little bucket of products can easily end up being well over $1,000. Hey, I love this store, you can’t make everything yourself and a girl has needs, but while at this store I came to a Beauty Kitchen epiphany.

Las Vegas Informer – Steam your face, not your wallet

Published: December 2013

Every woman loves a great facial steam it’s usually the first part of an expensive facial. However you don’t have to spend your hard earned money at the spa to enjoy a great steam.

Here are my three top facial steams that I love and use on a weekly basis.

Las Vegas Informer – Two tips to Save Money on popular Baby Products

Published: November 2013

I recently spent some time with my dear friend Candice in California. She is a brand new mom to a gorgeous four month old daughter Athena James. Candice is a vegan, a yoga instructor and creator of the Divas Dish. As I spent a few days with her and her newborn baby we were discussing all things baby, and I realized that most new mothers like Candice love to use all natural and organic products on their babies.

Las Vegas Informer – 3 ways to fight acne, Beauty Kitchen Style

Published: October 2013

It doesn’t matter your age, your skin type, your race, weight or height; when it comes on strong it can severely damage your face; its acne and it isn’t pretty. Every single person has had at least one breakout; some (like me) have had multiple ones.

Boulder City Review – Aspiring host trying to grow YouTube show to TV

Published: May 2013

Local Heather Marianna is busy trying to grow her small Internet beauty show into a cable network brand.

Marianna, who moved to Boulder City two years ago, is the creator and host of “Beauty Kitchen,” a growing YouTube show she is working to get featured on HGTV or The Food Network.