Nail It – Subscription Beauty Boxes Write-Up

Published: July 2015

Heather Marianna’s Beauty Kitchen Beauty Boxes were featured on

Wetpaint – Is Farrah Abraham Developing a Line of Beauty Products?

Published: June 2015

“I’m up to something with @beautykitchenhm @heathermarianna #bossbitches cheers,” Farrah posted on June 23, along with a photo of herself and Heather Marianna

Las Vegas Sun – Star Servailance section

Published: June 2015

Farrah Abraham went out for a tour of Heather Marianna’s Beauty Kitchen warehouse in Boulder City and discussed collaborating.

Las Vegas Informer – Farrah Abraham Spotted Trying Out Hair ADK Extensions at IBS Show

Published: June 2015

Farrah Abraham shows off champagne flute bath soap while visiting Heather Marianna’s Beauty Kitchen warehouse in Boulder City.

Bella NYC – Event Sponsor List

Published: June 2015

Heather Marianna’s Beauty Kitchen line featured as a sponsor for Bella Magazine’s Summer Hamptons Party

Identify: LA – Beauty Kitchen: Creating An At-Home Spa Experience

Published: June 2015

Identify: LA’s writeup on Heather Marianna’s Beauty Kitchen line – Las Vegas Personality Creates Successful Business Using M.B.A.

Published: June 2015

Heather’s success story on

Billboard Magazine – Beauty Kitchen Products Mention

Published: March 2015

Top Billboard Artists Including Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea, Treated to Beauty Kitchen Goodies

Defining Women Magazine – Beauty Kitchen Write-up

Published: March 2015

Beauty Kitchen featured in Feb 2015’s issue of Defining Women Magazine

Radar Online – Christina Milian with Beauty Kitchen’s Alphabet Bath Soaps

Published: February 2015

Christina Milian, and daughter Violet, were spotted stocking up on Beauty Kitchen’s popular alphabet and number bathtub soap at GBK’s Pre-Oscar Gifting Suite at L’Hermitage Beverly Hills on Saturday, Feb. 21.

Las Vegas Weekly – What’s Cooking

Published: February 2015

Scent chemistry to Oscars prep, Beauty Kitchen has been busy

Vegas Magazine – Heather Marianna: The Retail Maven

Published: November 2014

Heather Marianna provides Vegas Magazine readers with holiday shopping tips as an exclusive retail expert

Luxury Las Vegas – Soap Cupcakes

Published: November 2014

Soap cupcakes from Beauty Kitchen’s all-natural spa product line

OK! Magazine – Beauty Kitchen products featured

Published: September 2014

Beauty Kitchen products featured in Guests take home Bags in Sept 15th issue of OK! Magazine

Beauty Kitchen featured at OK! TV

Published: August 2014

Beauty Kitchen featured at OK! TV’s Emmy Awards Bash in Beverly Hills

LA Weekly – Michael Todd True Organics & GBK’s Pre-Emmy Celebrity Gift Lounge in Beverly Hills

Published: August 2014

Ellen Burstyn, Viola Davis, Beau Bridges and Edie Falco were just some of the big name stars who attended GBK’s two day gifting suite in Beverly Hills this weekend.

Las Vegas Sun – Home beauty expert Heather Marianna: Kitchen pantry is the best medicine cabinet

Published: August 2014

Heather Marianna, with her home beauty secrets, is a multimillion-dollar heiress who turned her 10-year, over-the-top shopping addiction into a fabulous and affordable product line, Beauty Kitchen. Since launching her Beauty Kitchen You Tube series in July 2012, Marianna’s channel has reached more than 3 million viewers and followers. The brunette bombshell’s outrageous obsession also was featured on Oxygen’s “My Shopping Addiction.”

Star Magazine

Published: July 2014

Beauty Kitchen Mention

Fox 5 San Diego: Beauty Secrets Hidden in your Kitchen

Published: July 2014

FOX 5 whips up beauty treatments with ingredients you already have in the kitchen with Heather Marianna

E! Online – Today’s Hot Picks

Published: July 2014

Singer-actress Christina Milian shows off Beauty Kitchen’s soap cupcakes at GBK’s 2014 Epsy Awards Gifting Suite – Star Shots: Lea Michele, Julie Bowen & More Celebs

Published: July 2014

Christina Milian adoringly shows off Beauty Kitchen’s soap cupcake at GBK’s 2014 Espy Awards Gifting Suite

Radar Online: Spotted Out and About

Published: July 2014

Christina Milian adoringly shows off Beauty Kitchen’s soap cupcake at GBK’s 2014 Espy Awards Gifting Suite.

Las Vegas Informer – Three Fabulous Tips to Soothe Hot Summer Skin

Published: June 2014

Hello Las Vegas, Heather Marianna here with your summer tips to beat over heated skin this season!

I am so excited be writing for the Informer Media Group again and I look forward to giving you the best possible easy low cost tips for all things beauty.

Luxury Las Vegas Magazine – A Beauty-full Venture

Published: June 2014

Just call her beauty’s boss lady. Entrepreneur, socialite and philanthropist Heather Marianna has turned a hobby into a six- figure revenue company in just under two years.

Vegas Magazine: Q&A w/ Heather Marianna of Beauty Kitchen

Published: May 2014

With beauty, brains, and an eye for style, Heather Marianna has quickly made a name for herself in Las Vegas. First spotted on Oxygen’s My Shopping Addiction, Marianna is social media sensation, with hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers and Youtube fans clamoring for her “how-to” videos, in which she makes beauty products using everyday items found in the kitchen.

Las Vegas Informer: How to Pamper your Hands and Feet the Beauty Kitchen Way

Published: February 2014

It’s almost summer time here in Las Vegas and that means one thing, pool parties. You do not want to be seen with dry, cracked hands and feet; after all you have worked all winter long on your summer bod so don’t neglect your hands and feet.

Here are some simple tricks you can do at home, for a fraction of the price of a trip to the spa.

Las Vegas Informer – Three Amazing Hair Masks to Start Using Now

Published: February 2014

I always say that winter time is always best spent getting yourself summer ready. From working out, getting healthy, doing your body wraps and also repairing your hair from last summer’s sun and over styling damage.

Here are three of my favorite hair masks that I love to use all the time. And yes, I also use them on my real hair clip in extensions and so can you.

Las Vegas Informer – Kissable Lips

Published: January 2014

Recently on a shopping trip with some of my girlfriends, we walked into one of those very well-known and also very addicting makeup stores. You know what I am talking about, the one that everyone shops at, the one where a little bucket of products can easily end up being well over $1,000. Hey, I love this store, you can’t make everything yourself and a girl has needs, but while at this store I came to a Beauty Kitchen epiphany.

Las Vegas Informer – Steam your face, not your wallet

Published: December 2013

Every woman loves a great facial steam it’s usually the first part of an expensive facial. However you don’t have to spend your hard earned money at the spa to enjoy a great steam.

Here are my three top facial steams that I love and use on a weekly basis.

Las Vegas Informer – Two tips to Save Money on popular Baby Products

Published: November 2013

I recently spent some time with my dear friend Candice in California. She is a brand new mom to a gorgeous four month old daughter Athena James. Candice is a vegan, a yoga instructor and creator of the Divas Dish. As I spent a few days with her and her newborn baby we were discussing all things baby, and I realized that most new mothers like Candice love to use all natural and organic products on their babies.