Under current FDA laws its pretty scary that legally companies can put small amounts of chemicals (and sometimes large) into your skincare and cosmetics. Beauty Kitchen is built on 100% natural skincare and cosmetics without using chemicals to preserve products. Our products are made fresh in the two facilities that are owned and operated by our CEO Heather Marianna. Heather Marianna works feverishly to educate everyone on the importance of using fresh ingredients and clean skincare. She has been quoted on many news outlets such as Today Show, Huff Post, Forbes, etc. For a full list of Beauty Kitchens press and media click here
“We work so hard on our looks, we workout, we drink juice, we hike the canyons, yet we fill our bodies with chemicals in out every day products”
Heather Marianna, CEO of Beauty Kitchen. 
As soon as you touch anything, within five seconds every chemical in that product has hit your bloodstream. Think about that the next time you make a purchase in skincare. If you cannot pronounce it do not use it. 
Please see the news segment to the right and educate yourself on your skincare.