Why I Use and Love Cryo-Globes




As you all know I use a lot, and I mean A LOT, of skincare tools. In addition to the LED Light Mask and glass Cupping Set we’ve recently added (just a few of these left), I love incorporating the brands I use into my blog as well as offering them on the BK Website. Recently, I got a membership to a cryo studio and let me just tell you, I’m obsessed. In today’s post I’m sharing all about cryo-globes, or ice globes as they’re also called, as well as the benefits of using them, and how I do it.

Cryo Globes allow you to perform your own exceptionally refreshing ‘cryo’ facial at home without any of the melting or mess that comes with standard ice cubes. Cryo globes also often come in a handy ergonomic design, constructed so that they glide smoothly over your facial contours for a cooling, calming experience.

Benefits of this treatment include
• Minimizing inflammation or puffiness
• Helping lymphatic drainage and sinus pressure
• Reducing redness and pore size
• Kick-starting circulation

I mean who doesn’t want all of that?! I love using them in the morning to wake my sleepy skin and in the evening to de-stress and chill-out (literally). I’ll sometimes use them over my Collagen Eye Gels, or while I’m wearing my Superior Mushroom Sheet Mask. To get the very most out of your globes, you should aim to use them 1-2 times daily for a period of six weeks. An icy massage of just 5 to 10 minutes is enough to revive and reinvigorate your skin! Remember though, there’s no such thing as a quick fix in skincare. Consistency is key.


Gently sanitize your cryo globes with rubbing alcohol or any other antibacterial solution, before and after use. You don’t want to massage your skin with bacteria-covered globes because it can make things worse than before.

Once you’ve sanitized the cryo globes properly, keep them in the fridge or freezer for at least 30 minutes. And yes, you can keep our recommended globes in the freezer! For optimal results, I recommend putting them in at night and using them in the morning, right after your facial cleansing routine.

I recommend massaging your face with the cryo globes for 5 to 15 minutes, gently massaging the face and allowing the cold to do its work. There are lots of facial maps you can follow that highlight which zones to target and which directions to pull the globes.

On top of all the benefits of using Cryo Globes independently, you can SUPERCHARGE your serums, oils, masks (sheet and regular), and moisturizers by pairing them with an cryo globe treatment. Facial globes act amazingly as massage tools to work your products into the skin for better absorption and superior results. The cold of the globes causes your capillaries to constrict, which effectively ”pulls” the product deeper into your skin.

Just clean your face with your preferred BK facial cleanser so you have a fresh canvas, then apply your favorite oil, moisturizer, mask or serum. Always gently massage the ice globes over your face to allow the remedy to permeate deeper into your skin so it can absorb the product more effectively. I use a mixture of Hyaluronic Acid Serum and Heather Marianna’s Skin & Hair Oil when I do the globes.

Fun fact: I love to use these during my infrared sauna studio session at Drop Sauna, here in Las Vegas (my favorite studio). This allows me to work on my face for a full 45-minutes while I sweat and it keeps me a little cooler, ha! You can also use cryo globes on other parts of your body as well. I like to do my stomach in the sauna too!

Be sure grab your set of amazingly effective cry globes here and tag me on your cryo journey @AskHeatherMariannaBlog on Instagram! Enjoy!