Why I Chose To Get The COVID-19 Vaccine




***The preface of this post was written before I got the vaccine. Keep reading for my experience written the day of and an update shortly after.

Last year, with the onset of COVID, the world was a crazy place. We had an upcoming election, an unprecedented system of mail-in ballots, government shutdowns, business shutdowns, and a whole lot of conspiracy theories floating around. I’ll admit, my mind was cluttered between conspiracies (some of which I think are legitimate and shall remain within me) and a lot of doubt in the world. When the vaccine talk started, I definitely was against it. We all know that I’m a pretty “chemical-free” girl. I’ll always choose clean beauty and herbal medicines over pharmacy stuff, so I sure as shit wasn’t planning on putting that into my body. I’m pretty healthy (aside from stress lol), and I’m also fairly certain that if I got COVID-19 I would be okay. I already had a quarantine plan in place if it were to arise in my household, and had also created plans A, B, and C to keep my company running if I got sick. Would you expect anything less from me, lol? We all know that nothing stops me from making deals and slinging skincare, not even COVID.

I’m not going to say that I chose to take the vaccine because “it’s the right thing to do.” That’s your choice to make, and to each his own. I am going to share a few of the reasons why I did choose to get vaccinated though. First, I wanted to have relief from the constant panic in my head about catching it. I am a “worst-case-scenario” “17 backup plans” type of girl, and with the vaccine, I’m not going to worry as much.

I still plan on wearing my masks and staying away from large crowds things are a little more under control, but for me I know it will alleviate some worry. I’m still choosing to pay extra for first class flights and private planes because I don’t feel safe at the airport or on a packed flight, but after my shots I know I will feel safer. Not safe, just safer.

Another reason I chose to get the vaccine is because I’ve been following the social media stories of other young and healthy people who have gotten vaccinated and seemed to have no issues. I found out that people with allergies seemed to have more issues, and I don’t have many allergies, (at least that I’m aware of, other than pain meds and that face cream someone recently sent me, lol) so in that sense I also feel confident that I’ll be okay.

I also think that as a business owner it’s important for me to get the shot. I come into contact with a wide variety of people on a regular basis, and I also really miss speaking at events and conferences and plan to do more of that as things open back up this year.

I’m actually going to be a keynote speaker at The White Label World Expo US in September, and I know that I’ll feel so much better in front of crowds being vaccinated. I’m also am booked to teach some workshops at The Pinners Conference in Scottsdale, AZ this year, and I like to get up close and personal when I teach and really connect with my audience, rather than giving off a “stay away” vibe. I think that’s more my style, and I’m not going to let COVID or the fear of a vaccine keep me from doing what I love.  If you are in Arizona, come join my class! I would love to meet you, and I’m planning some killer gift bags for attendees so you’ll want to be there. Follow me on all my social platforms for more details on upcoming events and projects I have planned. 

A final reason for choosing to get the vaccine is because I honestly think we’re headed into a new world order. I know, I know….but I firmly believe that if you aren’t vaccinated you’ll experience so many restrictions like, you won’t be able to fly, travel across borders, and maybe not even be able to get into some businesses.

***Day of 1st Dose of the Vaccination:

First off, a big thanks to Boulder City, who deemed me an Essential Worker, and allowed my staff and I the option of getting vaccinated. Of course I won’t force any of my employees to take the vaccine, but they know they do have the option. I’m lucky that most of my employees are either highschool or college age or single, working moms who don’t really go out a lot of places.

So, today I got the first dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination. Here are my honest thoughts, take them for what they’re worth.

I stood in line outside the Boulder City Recreation Center and it was cold out. Thankfully, my assistant (who also got the shot) brought me a sweater to wear while I waited! As I stood in line, I tried to take my mind off of what I was doing — legit signing my rights away to any problems that might occur. Possible birth defects?? I don’t want kids, but the thought, “Damn what if I got pregnant?” of course was running through my head. Ughhh. “Keep posting on IG,” I told myself as a distraction. Then, as I approached the lady at sign-in, she actually urged me not to do it (which I thought was weird)! I asked her if she had gotten the vaccine, and she said “Hell no!” lol. “Damn,” I thought. She explained that I was signing my rights away again, and I started to tear up. I was emotional already from going to church at 7 AM this morning, and I was feeling really scared, then my leg started to spasm. “Shit,” I thought. I was waived over to sit in chair number 9, then I waited some more.

Five minutes of waiting felt like five hours. The fears in my head spiraled. Would I die? Could this kill me? I was ushered into the room and chatted with the firemen present, they already knew me from the Beauty Kitchen Essential Worker Care Kits we gave out earlier on during COVID, and we always offer all fire and police the option to come by the warehouse and grab product when they want it. I sat down and looked at the shots, hmm. I was asked if I was here for shot one or two. I said “one”. There were no visible differences in the piles, all the shots looked like tiny tubes of water.

At 10:30 AM on March 10th, 2021 I was given the first dose of vaccine and I felt nothing… not even a sting. I firmly believe this vaccine was water. I really do. I take about 12 anti-aging shots each month at my house and those hurt. I have even done egg freezing shots and those hurt. This was literally nothing, which leaves me wondering…

***My post-shot update:

-About 12 hours later my arm began to hurt
-About 24 hours later I couldn’t move my left side from the waist up.
I guess it wasn’t water after all… lol

At this point, I have opted not to get the second dose. I don’t regret getting the first dose, but for some reason that I can’t explain, I have an uneasy feeling about the second dose. Call it intuition. After round one I felt okay and planned on getting round two, but as the days have gone by there is this overwhelming “NO” voice inside my head. Again, I can’t explain why I have this feeling but I know that right now I have to trust my gut.. it’s usually right.