The Drinkable Clay Detox Is Really A Thing — Here’s Why!




There are so many detox clays out there. The most familiar of these products target face and skin, as can be found here. We have used these mysterious clays for detoxing skin, reducing cellulite, minimizing pores, fighting acne, increasing brightness, fighting wrinkles etc. While spas charge hundreds of dollars for clay wraps for the body and hair, after a quick search online one day, while ordering supplies for Beauty Kitchen, I came across drinkable clays and my interest was piqued! Though I’ve frequently bought the bentonite clay juice from the Pressed Juicer, I never really understood the benefits or why I was always drinking it, lol. So that left me wondering… How can clay detox us from the inside out?


To understand the benefits, we have to get down to the core of our bodies, our cells. Every cell in our body excretes waste minerals that we in turn absorb. Those waste minerals are often are toxic to our bodies, causing fatigue, acid reflux, bloating, joint stiffness, you name it, even ACNE! Due to its’ negative charge, Bentonite Clay will tightly bind to the toxic minerals we absorb and remove them though the body’s natural functions. This makes for a safe internal detox because the clay’s negative charge and alkaline PH work well with the entire body’s natural PH levels.


How to start the clay detox:

We want to remove bloating, fatigue, acne, and all those things, right? Unfortunately, Bentonite Clay can’t rid us of 2020, but we can give our systems a boost this way. You can introduce Bentonite Clay into your body as a dietary supplement. The best mixture is 2tsp to 8oz of purified water. It’s best to drink this mixture 30-60 minutes before a meal, and personally I think drinking some as soon as you wake up is the best way to start the day off right. Drinking Bentonite Clay immediately after mixing can be problematic because it continues to expand in your stomach and intestines and may cause constipation. To avoid this, you can let the mixture sit for a while before drinking it. By doing this, you’re allowing the clay to swell as much as possible before it enters the body. Then, you can either drink the entire glass at once, or just drink the clear water in the top of the glass. For most people drinking the clear water is more than enough for treating their condition, but if you want 100% of the benefits, you’ll have to drink the whole glass of course. To see how your body will react, start with one teaspoon to your 8oz of water before moving on to two teaspoons.

My recommendation is to order your drinkable Bentonite Clay and start now. Let’s clean 2020 out of our systems and start the new year off feeling great — acne free, bloat free, energized, and feeling better all over!  Here’s a recipe I found online that’s very similar to the one I’ve been paying $8 a bottle for, lol.

-16 ounces purified water
-3 teaspoons drinkable bentonite clay
-Juice of 1 lemon