The Diamond Collection Face & Eye Gel Set



Diamonds are a girls and guys best friend!

The Diamond Collection is a perfectly packaged set. Unleash the power if diamonds onto your skin!

Set contains;
1 White Diamond Flake Collagen Eye Pads, the first release of Beauty Kitchens Diamond Collection.

1 Blue Diamond Flake Collagen Gel Eye Pad.

1 Pink Diamond Flake Collagen Gel Eye Pad.

1 Pink Diamond Red Wine infused gel mask.

Set highlight’s;

Diamond Eye Gels (set of three)
Whether you put them as prep to look your best, or de-puff after a big night out, my Diamond Eye Gels are an instant revitalizer. Infused with collagen and antioxidant-rich extracts, these sparkly, fun under eye pads are always something I use to treat myself.

Pink Diamond Red Wine Sheet Mask;
This works almost like a giant eye gel pad—for your face! Perfect for stressed out skin, this mask uses a base of red wine extracts that fight aging, antioxidants and free radicals, leaving you toned and tightened.


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