Haus of LaRouge, Fine China Juicy Watermelon Sugar Skin Polish




Leave your skin as smooth and shiny as Fine China. Bursting with amazing natural watermelon scent that will exfoliate, and hydrate your skin so well that even you would get a high appraisal on Antiques Road Show! (get it? Fine China, antiques road show? No? Just Me? What ever i thought it was funny) Grab one of our Haus of Larouge Eye Gels to have an all around healthy glow.
Made with organic fine sugar, rice bran, and Beauty Kitchens blend of nut-free oils and the juiciest of watermelon scent this will become your summer favorite!
Pro Tips; use pre shave for the smoothest shave ever, or use as the finishing touch when showering for super hydrated skin (throw your lotions away you won’t need those anymore). Scrub down in the bath and turn the water into a fruity frenzy. 8 ounce jar.

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Weight .10 oz


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