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Your skin will always be your best foundation, and taking care of that foundation is key to looking younger and feeling gorgeous. Take it from the 4 of us, we wear more makeup than a circus clown. But a healthy skin care routine will always be our first step to a sick’ning, glamorous makeup look. With skin so soft and smooth it will have you screaming out YYYAAAZZZ QUEEN! In collaboration with Beauty Kitchen we are happy to present to the world The Haus Of Larouge Collection. With 11 great products to fulfill your every need.
So if you need to depuff those eyes and take away those fine lines because you’ve been up all night THROW’N SHADE then don’t worry because we got the perfect products for you TIRED HOES. Pick one, two, or all 3 of the line reducing eye gels, and for good measure slap on one of our lip puckering lip mask. Listen LIFES A BEACH we get it, things can be rough on your skin especially for us! Changing into numerous costumes, and painting on that mug every night, spraying those harsh chemical perfumes on our skin. Well not no more because with our two natural body mist we never have to worry about it staining our costumes or damaging our skin, with two great scents that will have you feeling like an INSTANT STRIPPER. Also just grab yourself one of the 3 body polishes. Rub that on your skin after every shower and your skin will be looking as good as FINE CHINA.
We hope you enjoy this collaboration, and are ready to take your skin to the next level fierce! Thank you for all your love and support for The Haus Of Larouge. Thank you to Beauty Kitchen for these gorgeous products that we all know you’ll LOVE TO INFINITI. This is for all of you!
-with everlasting love THE HAUS OF LAROUGE

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