Green Tea All Natural Brightening Eye Gel Masks



Green Tea Eye Gel Masks are infused with all natural active ingredients for relaxing the delicate skin around the contour of the eyes to elevate a brighter, more revitalized under-eye.

Super antioxidant green tea contains a potent batch of antioxidants to combat dark circles and add an extra brightening supercharge! Light up those eyes with these new eye gels by Beauty Kitchen.  The Green Tea Eye Gels perfectly contour the delicate curve under the eye for better penetration of the active ingredients.

In just twenty minutes, Green Tea Eye Gel Masks, a cooling transdermal gel patch, infuses the eye area with age reducing properties and concentrated doses of firming natural ingredients to de-puff, tone and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as detoxing into deep layers of the skin.

These eye gels are teal in color and perfect for your Beauty Kitchen selfies!


-Heather Marianna

•Free from parabens, artificial dyes, and sulfates

•Not tested on animals

•Use immediately after opening

Handmade in the USA


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