One of Baron’s Dog Food Recipes




Everyone who knows me knows that my dog Baron is the love of my life. He is legitimately like my son. I hand prepare and cook his meals and I’m going to start sharing some of the recipes that I make for him! If you have an older dog, like Baron, it’s really a better option to make their food for them.

Here is the backstory of why I baby him so much. Several years ago, Baron had two brothers: Coco and Louie. They both passed within a year of each other, and Baron became very depressed and developed anxiety and stopped eating. I had to take him to the vet constantly to get IV and saline shots to keep him hydrated. He wanted nothing to do with treats (still doesn’t), so I started to feed him what I was eating, and he finally started to eat. Usually, we eat super healthy, but he loves his pizza, lol.

So here is one recipe we do and a few variations, if you make this for your pet please tag me!!!

Grilled Chicken with Steamed Vegetables


-Grilled Chicken (we use bagged or rotisserie)

First, I steam the veggies and then finely chop them along with the chicken. Sometimes I’ll add brown rice to the mix and if he’s being really rude and refusing to eat, I’ll even throw in some teriyaki sauce.

You can also replace the chicken with steak. Sometimes, when I make a filet and veggies for myself, I’ll just use half the steak for him (I’m a light eater).

Baron doesn’t eat fish or pork, but for some reason he does love dried cauliflower for a snack. I honestly didn’t even think he would like it until he was eating all of mine last summer at the Petit Ermitage (my favorite hotel in LA). I highly recommend staying there!

All in all, this is a pretty basic recipe, but there are tons of ways to tweak it. You can add spinach and other veggies, and sometimes I’ll make him a little dessert with cooked sweet potato and pumpkin puree (which is really good for a dog’s tummy).

Baron’s favorite food is actually short ribs, and although I don’t know how to make those, once a month I’ll place an order to-go if I’m at a restaurant that has them so I can bring him home a little treat.

Dogs, and pets in general, really add value and enhance our lives. It’s been proven that not only do they add to our general happiness, having a pet also improves our health as well. Here are some things I found online about just this subject!

Dog owners have lower cholesterol, fewer heart problems, and lower blood pressure. These factors all can contribute to better health. Part of this is because owning a dog can get you out the door and doing more exercise. There’s no doubt that getting active can lead to a healthier lifestyle, and exercising with your dog can make this process easier.  For example, walking your dog once a day is not only good for him or her, but can increase your cardio health as well.

Dogs can also help relieve stress. This isn’t unexpected, as many dog owners can tell you this. Stress contributes to health problems, such as more frequent headaches, cold and infections, insomnia, etc. Dog owners over the age of 65 have 30 percent fewer visits to their doctors a year. The embrace of a dog can bring comfort in stressful situation, making them great to have around.

Dogs can improve your social life. Some owners like to take their dogs to the park to get exercise and enjoy a larger place to play but exercising at the dog park also becomes a social activity. Situations with other dogs and people not only helps your dog’s social life, but also benefits your own. You may meet new people who share an interest in dogs, and social health can lead to a well-balanced life.

If you weren’t already sold on pets, I hope now you know that having a dog can and will make you happier. Just remember: Adopt, don’t shop! Here are some links for places that you can adopt pets from in the Las Vegas area:

The Animal Foundation
Boulder City Animal Shelter
A Path 4 Paws
Vets for Abandoned Pets

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