MEDS and Making 2022 The Best Year Ever




Yes, another 2022 blog… but can we just forget about 2020-2021 already?! As I type this, I think of the meme circulating around “let’s not claim 2022, lets walk in slowly” and, and, and lol. Some people are superstitious like this, I know I am. However, and I can’t stress this enough, we must really prepare ourselves for whatever this year is going to throw at us. We’re talking new shutdowns, back to working from home, and we all must be able to pivot around anything.

I recently read an article in a business magazine all about “taking your MEDS.” I originally thought it was about mental health, lol, but it was actually about investing your energy into four things that we really all NEED to be doing.

Here are the four things you should be focused on to set yourself up for success and have the best year yet: Meditation, Exercise, Diet, and Sleep.

1) Meditation
Meditating is important when you wake up. I always say three things that I’m grateful for and thank God for all He’s doing. Then I have my coffee and sit in a chair or on the floor and breathe (even for just 5 minutes) and clear my mind. Also, starting in January, I’m going to not look at my phone for the first 30 mins after I wake up. It just makes me anxious and starts my day out a little crazy.

2) Exercise
A lot of the top business coaches say that you need to get your exercise in first thing in the morning. Get it done! I haven’t been doing this at all. It’s been way too sporadic and that is going to stop. We all know that regular exercise releases endorphins (natural brain chemicals that make you feel good). I mean, don’t you always feel better after you work out?! It also sets the tone for your morning. I don’t know about you guys, but if I don’t work out in the AM, it doesn’t happen. There’s an off chance that I might go on the way home for a spin class, but it isn’t happening as often as I’d like.

3) Diet.
Fuel your body so that you can have energy to get the work done. Meal prepping is a big part of this, and meal planning in general spares you from that, “ugh, I have to go to the grocery store again” crap that throws off your day.

4) Sleep
Sleep is a must-have, and not just any sleep, good sleep. So, whatever you have to do to get great sleep, do it! According to a Rand Corporation study, corporations lost $411 billion in revenue due to lack of sleep of employees averagely in a year. Also new studies say that you need 7-9 hours of sleep per night, not just 6 as they used to believe. I’d say that’s due to pandemic and economic related stress, for sure.

Now you know! Start taking your MEDS daily and keep up on your vitamins too! As we gear up for 2022, not knowing how this new year is going to be, we need to be armed with all those helpful things we can do that are within our control. And guess what? Every single one of these is free!