Lingerie Isn’t Just For The Bedroom




With Valentine’s day quickly approaching, I thought about the millions of pieces of lingerie that will be bought and shipped to women everywhere around this holiday, and was left wondering: Where does all the lingerie go?

Other than wearing lingerie for your significant other or for some sexy posts for the Gram, what else is there to do with it? I love lingerie, don’t get me wrong. It makes me feel pretty and cute, but I find that it ends up in a drawer with tags on it more often than on my body, lol. Facts, unfortunately.

Recently I was doing a closet purge and came across drawers full of cute bras, satin tops, etc. I thought to myself, “how can I incorporate these into my wardrobe? Maybe by making my normal workday clothes a little sexier, or using them for a night out?” Who doesn’t want to feel sexy?! There are so many ways you can incorporate lingerie into daily wear, even workwear. Here are some things I have started doing and some things I’ve seen celebs doing to incorporate those intimates. Let’s get a little more use out of these gifts ladies!


One thing I like to do is pair jeans and a blazer over a cute body suit.

Pairing a bralette or corset style bra with a long skirt and a blazer looks amazing as well.

Satin pajama tops can be paired with suit pants and jackets, as well as full on fitted pajama sets are being worn out at nighttime.

I have even seen some celebs wearing cute lingerie loose tops over white tee shirts which is very, very cute paired with joggers.

So next time someone special wants to send you some lingerie or you hit up that famed semi-annual sale, get it ALL because now you can wear them more than just in the bedroom!