I Bought A DIY Sushi Kit Off Instagram, And Here’s How It Went




We‘ve all done it, seen those ads on Insta and thought, “I need that!” Well, one night I was watching the Real Housewives while scrolling and trolling and saw this ad for a sushi making kit. I thought it was so cool, you could do different shaped sushi and no rolling needed! The kit actually has plastic molds to make the sushi, complete with knife cutting slats to make sure the sushi is cut perfectly! Sounds easy right?

The box arrived about three weeks after I ordered it, which is totally typical of online orders from overseas. The directions were completely in Russian, but that’s fine I thought, this will be easy.

First, I went to the grocery store by my warehouses. It was closer so I got the rice, seaweed, and some seaweed snacks (yum). I really used to hate those, but they are delish to me now. I also got the dairy-free cream cheese for my assistant and regular for me. I decided not to get the fish there, because I’m really trying to consume fish that is ethically or sustainably sourced since watching the documentary “Sea Spiracy.” Although we really won’t really ever know, a girl can try right? If you haven’t seen the documentary yet, go to Netflix and watch it! Also, here is the Instagram link for it.

Here are a couple websites and apps that I use when I grocery shop for Seafood since watching the documentary. I hope while making your sushi you’ll want to check them out! Most of these websites have apps as well, but it’s just as easy to browse online from any device.
Seafood Watch and Sustainable Seafood Guide.

I went to Whole Foods and decided on Salmon, Tuna, and Cooked Shrimp. I decided to mix the fish with cucumber and cream cheese for my rolls and make a vegan one with veggies and the non-dairy cream cheese for my assistant Danielle. After gathering all my sushi making supplies this is pretty much how it went.

Click through this slideshow below to see more photos!

All in all, the sushi didn’t come out that badly, lol. The hardest part for me was the seaweed (not getting it to rip), and the fact that it was surprisingly messy, but other than that it was it was still edible and delicious. Honestly, as much fun as it was, I would just say it’s better to just go out for sushi!