Heather’s Packing Hacks




I can’t say it enough, we are in the first month of 2021!!! I hope we are all manifesting our trips and working towards our goals! I know I’m manifesting the trips that I mentioned in the Jet Lag Sucks blog post. The Blue Lagoon is calling me, lol.

But with all this travel manifesting, we also have to start thinking about packing, and that is probably my least favorite part of traveling (next to jet lag). I always feel like I bring way too much. I plan all these outfits for all these things I plan to do, then once I get to my destination, I feel lazy and would rather just hit the gym and relax by the ocean. This year however, I’m planning on actually taking in all the places I go and not taking them for granted (one thing 2020 taught me). With that said, here are some packing hacks I’ve come up with to make your travel prep easier. Some new, some old, but they are all fantastic!



It always comes down to the outfits, doesn’t it? I mean, we have to take pics for the Gram right? What I like to do is have a semi-loose itinerary of what I’m going to do based on where I’m going.

-Try on everything before you go. Yes, I know this is annoying, but you don’t want to visualize and plan something fabulous that doesn’t fit or look right once you go to wear it.

-Take photos of all your looks, yes take photos with them on! Use a polaroid and store the look in a book for a future trip or event. This really comes in handy once it’s done. I use this camera for my Polaroid photos!

-Choose a color scheme so you can take fewer pairs of shoes and fewer bags. This really comes in handy when you are doing a lot of dinners and lunches out, trust me. If you choose a consistent color scheme you can also layer. Think tanks under multiple blouses and so forth.

-If you are traveling somewhere cold, this can be tricky as you’ll want to pack multiple coats. Resist the urge and take two, maybe three, lol.

-Remember, most hotels will wash your clothes for you on longer trips. I have used this service and saved a TON of room in my suitcase!


Packing Your Main Suitcase

Lately I’ve tried to bring just one large suitcase and a large purse for my carry-on, or an overnight bag/ work bag with my computer. My favorite luggage is Tumi brand, and here are the favorites that I use: Garment 4 Wheeled Carry-On, Expandable 4 Wheeled Packing Case, and Hilden Backpack – Voyageur

-Always put your shoes in shoe bags and purses in purse sachets. This will keep them from being damaged.

-Smaller items like socks and lingerie you can pack inside of purses to save space.

-You can avoid wrinkling by rolling clothes, but FYI, most hotels have steamers you CAN BORROW.

-I always use the zip-up side of the interior suitcase for shoes, bags, loose items, makeup, etc, and zip that side up.

-I lay everything out that I plan to bring and then remove a few items, as I tend to over pack.

Packing Your Toiletries & Makeup

-I like to put everything in Ziploc bags or makeup bags in case of spills, whatever works.

-I separate makeup brushes, makeup (by face, eyes, etc), lashes, and tools.

-If I am taking hair extensions, they are all pre-curled and pinned, and taken in a hair, zip-up bag (it makes life easier trust me).

-All sprays and tanning items are double Ziploc bagged.

-Vitamins are all separated by day in individual Ziploc baggies. It saves space instead of packing the bottles.


Packing Your Work Bag 

If you are anything like me, you always have to take work with you! But I often take way too much of this also, so try to only take what you need.

-Laptop (well, of course)

-Current high priority projects

-Planner, of course

-Any notes for Zoom calls, etc



Carry-On Bag

This is usually my work bag as well, but here are a few things I always pack in it.

-Shawl.  My faves are from Burberry and the freebies from Fit Fab Fun (they always send good ones, lol).

-A book or magazine to read. Some of the planes I take don’t have wifi actually, urrr.

-My manifesting journal. Writing on flights passes time for me. I usually get inspired on flights. Here are some of my favorite journals. I basically have every one she puts out! Lol.

-Boss Bitch Sunglasses if I am flying when its dark, which I usually prefer to.


Things Not To Bring

-Do not bring hair dryers or hair tools on the trip. Most hotels have those, yes even hair wands and curling irons! Also, most hotels have blowout services so you can skip doing your hair the whole trip! If I’m going to the beach, I just top-knot it the whole trip!

-Most nice resorts have razors, Q-tips and all those daily things you need. Cotton balls for toner and makeup wipes are usually there already or available for free by asking the front desk.

-Most places have tanning oil and sunscreen as well, but I always pack my Beauty Kitchen Sunscreen Moisturizer.

Here’s to hoping 2021 brings us lots of vacations and organized suitcases!! Tag me in your travel packing pics @AskHeatherMariannaBlog on IG! We are always looking for people to gift Beauty Kitchen and Marianna Naturals, enter by tagging me!