Do you have what it takes to be a BO$$?




The whole Girl Boss Movement started many years ago and spiked with the Netflix show premiere of Girl Boss in 2017. The Girlboss series was “loosely” based on real events, namely, the life of Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso. I loved the show, and I know a lot of people now who use her coined term “Girl Boss” all over social media when promoting their businesses (I certainly do) . These days, the Girl Boss Movement is in full effect, leaving a lot of us wondering, “Do we have what it takes to be a boss?”

Starting Beauty Kitchen back in 2013 with a YouTube channel and a garage set up for making products was not easy. There are fundamental foundations you must have in place when striving to become a girl boss, but what is the result of becoming one? For me it’s one word: FREEDOM! If you aren’t wired properly already, or cannot adjust, becoming a girl boss won’t be easy. That doesn’t mean it cannot be done. Like I have said in many interviews, “The sacrifice is worth the freedom.”

Here are a few things that you absolutely need to become a boss, and how I incorporated those things into my hiring process, schedules, and everyday life to make myself even more successful.

The Morning Routine must be solid.

Let’s face it, you’re most likely reading this because you either already are a boss, you’re a budding boss, or thinking of becoming a boss as you launch your own business. Just taking the leap to be a boss is very brave. I wake up most mornings between 5-7 am depending on when my first morning call is, immediately go downstairs for coffee while I sip on the water I always keep by my bed, and dive right in to my emails. I admit, sometimes I get overwhelmed, but you have to remember this is what you want! Stay off IG and Social media until you have cleaned up your email, sent any necessary texts to staff and clients, gone through your schedule for the day, and updated it for the week. Then, I usually watch TV in my bathroom (the news or last night’s reality shows) while getting ready, always keeping my phone down while getting ready.  It’s a rule you have to be sure to keep. I made this mistake in the beginning, but let people know they can wait. You don’t have to respond within ten minutes. Absolutely not. A solid morning routine will always keep you focused. If you don’t have an office to go to yet, I suggest adding in a little 30 minute morning workout too. On weekends I definitely do that at home in my back yard.

A Workday Routine is a Must

Now this is a little more trying and difficult, as things change on a dime with me and my staff is usually trying to adjust and keep up. I’m incredibly lucky to have a great operations manager Michelle who runs all our warehouses, Danielle who keeps our orders shipping efficiently, and my assistant Charlie who is with me basically all-day every day. Trust me, I did it all on my own in the beginning, but as you grow you will need to reinvest profits in hiring help. Pro tip, the best help is never a friend — it’s someone you hire and train to work exactly how you want them to work. Do not hire friends. I repeat, do not hire friends.

I usually have my schedule typed up nightly by my assistant and on my desk for when I wake up. I suggest having your daily schedule tight. Get your phone calls, meetings, and even the bag you are taking to work ready during your morning routine, and your day will go better. Make a list of all the follow-ups you want to reach out to throughout the day, and follow through. Stay active on your social media for your brand and post quality content. If you are starting a brand, start curating content now. Trust me, being ahead of the game is a great feeling, and much better than constantly feeling behind. And bottom line, be the best You that you can every day and give it your all. Another tip I like to give aspiring boss babes is that you shouldn’t feel like you have to work sunup to sunrise. You don’t! Getting these routines together are essential so you work smarter and not harder. After all, it’s efficiency we’re talking about here.

End of The Day Routine

Once I have finished work, either from my home office or my Beauty Kitchen office, I usually hit the gym on the way home and put in 30 minutes of hot cycling. Then, once I get home, I hang with my dog while checking emails, until the BK offices are closed and I have to switch over to my Marianna Naturals chairwoman duties, and all things Heather Marianna. This covers things like: Ask Heather, TV appearances, speaking engagements, interviews, catching up with my Publicist Lindsay at Brand Bomb Marketing, and touching base with my Social Media team, graphics team, personal assistant, etc.) I usually get to bed by 10 or 11, with a projected wake up 5-7 am, and sometimes I’ll go for a night run before finally calling it a night. My schedule changes daily, and I like to be prepped and ready for the next day before bed.

An Overall “Get it Done” Mindset, some quick tips to get you motivated….

  • You must have the sheer will to make it work and be ready to sacrifice things. You can’t be a boss babe if you plant to go party every weekend and be hungover all day, not doing your work or research.
  • Stay focused and cut any haters off. Do not pay them any attention, none. Stay in your lane and work hard.
  • Cut out the alcohol-filled Sunday brunches; Monday is calling very early. Use Sundays to prepare for the week.
  • Meal prep. When you are busy and on the go, having things easily accessible and ready to eat while on calls or between meetings will be your savior.
  • Invest in yourself, and take care of your body. Get a mentor, a tutor, a therapist, or someone you can go to for advice (you can even email me askheathermarianna@gmail). Don’t think you have to do it all alone.
  • Get sleep. For me usually 6-7 hours is enough, but find out what your mind and body need to operate at maximum capacity. Everyone is different.
  • Hit the gym and sweat it out. It will help keep you focused, energized, and is a good way to clear your mind.
  • Keep your workspace organized, trust me. Our workspaces often reflect the state of our headspace. Keep it clean, efficiently organized, and stress free.
  • Link up on social with likeminded people in your field. There are tons of resources and cheerleaders at your fingertips (FB groups etc.)
  • Don’t be afraid to cry, you’re not superwoman.
  • Invest in books and read more! Put more time into your continued learning than you do in watching mindless TV at night (I will be posting my faves on my IG story today)

You can do this! Start practicing these good habits now and don’t wait. Your best boss life is on the way.  Stay Bo$$y!!!