Beauty Kitchen’s Banish Bacne 101 Guide




It’s officially spring, and if you’re anything like me you’ve been prepping for, and craving, warmer weather. When the weather changes, so does our wardrobe.

Soon we’ll be showing way more skin and have to be prepared for the steamy temperatures that often cause body acne. Here are some of my top Beauty Kitchen product recommendations to help keep your skin in check for the summer, and I’m including a special code to score these items only for my readers!

Here are my Bacne-fighting recommendations and tips:

-First, always make sure to shower right after workouts and saunas. Let me tell you, honestly sometimes I’m so tired that I fall flat asleep after my nighttime Drop Sauna sessions, and it’s always a regret! So after workouts, be sure to shower and add Beauty Kitchen’s Blemish Blaster Sugar Scrub into your beauty arsenal. It’s packed with acne-fighting essential oils like Tea Tree, Lavender, Bergamot, and Lemongrass and can be used all over your face and body.

Just for being my readers, you can get a FREE 16-ounce bag by using code BANISHBACNE10 at and get 10% off all the other items listed in this blog! Don’t worry about adding the scrub to your cart, we’ll include the bag in your order when it ships, and when it arrives it will be a savior.

-Another item I love to use to clean my skin and fight acne is our Tea Tree Micellar Water. After I remove my makeup at night, I’ll use this and then I’ll apply my nighttime serums, etc. We all know makeup and steamy weather mean doomsday for your skin, but the tea tree oil banishes bacteria while the micellar water acts like a magnet for dirt and any remaining makeup. The combo does wonders! Add a mask and you’re golden.

-Another tip: Wash your sports bras, bras, and sheets often! I know it may sound crazy, but the band on bras is a magnet for absorbing sweat and bacteria, and your sheets get dirtier, much faster during the sweaty, summer months. Increasing the frequency of washing can really make a difference in your skin quality!

-If you haven’t heard, Witch Hazel works amazingly for treating acne on the face and body. Spray it like a toner before bed, post shower. Don’t use any lotion or scrubs on the infected area before you spray yourself down. Just spray, sleep, and when you wake up, your skin will be noticeably improved, trust me.

-One last Beauty Kitchen item I swear by, and especially recommend for men, is our Black Soap Face & Body Bar. Packed with Activated Charcoal and nourishing oils, this soap is antibacterial, super easy to use, and it will help get rid of body blemishes and rescue your skin from dirt and pollutants. What’s not to love?!

So, with these simple tips and quality product recommendations, let’s get our skin ready to bare it all. Summer, summer, summertime (in my Will smith voice)!

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