“Ask Heather” 1st Round of Q&A’s Revealed!




“Heather, I was recently ghosted by a guy I was texting for a few weeks, what should I do?” -Amanda

Hey Amanda, it happens to us all. However, I would hardly call this ghosting if you haven’t even met the person. Ask yourself this, did he ghost you when you tried to make plans? What was the conversation leading up to the ghosting? I would try not to take it too seriously. He probably just met someone else or got busy. Whatever you do, don’t text him, there are plenty of other people around. Just block him, it’s not like you knew him anyways. I will be writing a post on “ghosting” very soon, stay tuned.



“Heather, what do you do when guys send you d-pics? How do you tell them to stop?” -Jennifer K

-Step one, send the pictures to all your friends
-Step two, screenshot their replies (only works if the replies are unfavorable)
-Step three, send him those screenshots
That will end it!



“Heather, what do you do if you are on a date and your date wants to split the bill?” -Natasha

Natasha, this is a weird one. I can’t say it’s happened to me before, but then again I don’t date much. However, if I were in this situation, I would be blunt and say, “didn’t you ask me out?” If indeed he did ask you out, he should pay! Unfortunately, in today’s dating world, if you both decided to just meet up to see if you like each other, then you should split the bill. I would always be up front and make sure that it’s clear if this is a dinner date or a quick “meet up” as those are very different circumstances. But personally, I always think the guy should pay, always.



“Heather, I went out on a date with someone last week and he hasn’t texted me back, should I text him?” -Lisa G

Hey Lisa! There will be a lot of different opinions on this one, but I say yes, why not?! I am a firm believer that if you don’t go after what you want, then you’ll regret it. What if he is just busy, or is nervous to message you? Believe it or not, men get nervous too! He may be replaying things in his head just like we do. It’s a fact. If he doesn’t reply, then no harm, at least you won’t have any regrets or wonder “what if”. If I were in the situation, I would message something general and add the lip emoji, lol.



“Heather, I have been dating someone for about two months and he suggested we get away because of the lockdown. How do I bring up who’s paying for what?” -Brandi

Oh my! This is a hard one. Just kidding, he should pay. No, but really, there are a lot of factors here. If he suggested it then he should take care of the plans. However, there are a few things to consider as well. Who is more financially stable? If it’s him, then he should definitely pay since he suggested it. If you guys are on equal footing, then maybe suggest splitting it. What I would do is simply say, “Ok where do you want to go?” and follow up with, “send me some ideas of what you are thinking.” Then go from there. But honestly, if he asked you then he should always pay. Once you start paying for shit in a relationship, it’s hard to go back. Trust me I know. Things should be somewhat equal, but don’t let some guy take advantage of you either.


Thanks for all your questions, and I hope these helped! Please keep the DM’s coming @AskHeatherMariannaBlog on IG.