10 Things Successful People Do Differently




Success looks different for everyone. Some people measure success as a happy family or loving relationship, while for others it’s basically material possessions and cash. For me success is freedom to do whatever I want each day, and I’m working behind the scenes every day to get there.

Whatever your idea of success is, there are personality traits and practices that successful people genuinely practice. By implementing these ten habits into your lifestyle, you will start to see a difference on your journey to success. I know there are a few on this list I can definitely use help with!

1. Successful People Wake Up Early

This doesn’t mean you need to get up at 4AM like I do and hit the ground running (well, sometimes 5AM). This just means that you need to get up earlier than you are now. Even one hour a day for 30 days a month will give you 360 hours extra per year, or the equivalent of 15 days, to work on your goals. If you sleep till 8 and are out the door by 9, try getting up at 7 instead and slowly increase that time by 30 minutes until you’re up early and ready to hit the ground running!

2. Successful People Take Decisive and Immediate Action

There is no time to dilly-dally when you are a busy, successful person. You need to make quick decisions. Start thinking about things you tend to loom over. Is it what to have for dinner? Is it the phone time spent scrolling every day? Try to meal plan for the week and cut your time on decision making. You can also take the phone away, or give yourself social media limits to stop your scrolling. I cut down so much phone time by listening to music on the phone and leaving it across the room when working. I also alert my office to email me when I’m working at my computer to cut down on the texts.

3. Successful People Help Other Become Successful

People who are successful don’t worry about other people taking their spot. They coach and they’re more than willing to give someone a shot. They also are more likely to attend and invite people into networking groups where they can also connect with likeminded successful people.

4. Successful People Keep Things Simple

They don’t have to make 100 plans and be everywhere. They are wise enough to decide clearly what is it that they want in life and have a clear idea about how to get there. They don’t clutter up their lives with unmotivated people or events that do not bring them joy or success. They don’t have time for small details and are big picture oriented. Next time you feel like you need do 14 parties this month, think again and simplify it.

5. Successful People Practice Gratitude

Being grateful for what you have only brings more into your life and having some sort of faith always helps as well. Wake up every day and be grateful. Don’t overthink things. Stay positive and see what happens.

6. Successful People Don’t Make Excuses or Blame Others For Issues

When things go wrong, successful people don’t blame their staff or others, they think about the issue and fix it. For example, I’m in the middle of moving into a new warehouse and I’m using this time to change everyone’s job roles to suit where they work most effectively, and adding additional staff where needed. If there’s an issue, successful people will solve it quickly and not let it hinder their business or personal life.

7. Successful People Take Breaks and Do Not Burn Out

Learn to listen to your body. Sleep in on Sundays (or whichever day you choose), practice self-care, and learn when to shut everything off (for me 7pm is the end of my workday). Successful people also love to take weekends away and take an extra day when traveling for work to work in new settings.

8. Successful People Don’t Watch a Lot Of TV

This is one I need help with, lol. Successful people tend to read a lot more and listen to calming music while they work. I started putting calming music on at night while I cook and reading after, and it really has helped me sleep better. I will, however, never give up my reality TV, lol.

9. Successful People Work Out At Least 4 Times A Week

Find something you love to do for working out. If you hate the gym, try going on walks. I’ve been doing that a lot with Baron lately and I love it. I get up at 5AM and go for my walk around 7:30 every day now. I would also suggest a free workout app like FitOn or joining a close by gym that you can walk to. Even 30 minute workouts to start works wonders.

10. Successful People Choose 3 Goals to Crush Daily

Set three goals, they can be work related or a mix of work and personal goals. I love making lists for the week too. I even make them for my assistants and warehouse workers to make sure they stay on track and get everything done.

So, what are you going to change in your daily habits to become the success you know you can be? Which habits are you going to start implementing and which do you already practice? Leave a comment on my latest post at @AskHeatherMariannaBlog on Instagram and let me know, I always love hearing from you guys!!!